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We’re home to 372,000 of the world’s smartest minds. See how they’re making the future.
Siemens in 360°

Discover the world of Siemens in 360°

At Siemens, we create the technologies that matter to society, and we’ve decided it’s time to introduce the people behind them to the world. We believe it’s the people who shape our company, and that everyone who works at Siemens helps to impact the future in meaningful ways. Each individual brings their passion, knowledge and expertise to develop projects that make a difference to the world we live in. In other words, everyone at Siemens helps making the future happen. We’re capturing the incredible, the interesting and the innovative in full 360° and open up new perspectives on our organization.

With everything we do, we want to make a real difference in the world. From creating clean, renewable energy to designing robot hands and making infrastructure smarter and more intuitive. With the Siemens 360° app, we’re stepping inside these stories to experience the lives and the work of our people. We want to share the amazing things they do every day, and show how they help shape our future. By using 360° cameras and the latest virtual reality (VR) technology, we’ve created an experience that will transport you into their worlds. Start your journey with a 360° tour around Siemens today.

How it works

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The animation shows how to transport yourself into our world. You’ll need a cardboard and the Siemens 360° app to get started.
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Siemens 360° app

Transport yourself around the world of Siemens in full 360° and see how we’re making a difference. Where will you go today?


✓ Watch 360° videos featuring our people making a real difference

✓ Step inside each story with a cardboard for a full VR experience.

✓ Get to know the Future Makers at Siemens from around the world.