A digital miracle for traditional Chinese medicine

Siemens helps Tong Ren Tang to open a new chapter of digital transformation.

A time-honored traditional Chinese medicine brand

Founded in the 1669, Tong Ren Tang (TRT), a time-honored traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand, has witnessed numerous changes, brought by the automation and digitalization of the industry.

Gain Vitality

Its affiliated company, Beijing TRT Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TRT Health), has already become a modern enterprise, whose value chain covers R&D and production, logistics and sales. Combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional TCM techniques, the company has further strengthened its leading position in the industry, with over 2,000 retail stores in China and products across various categories including nutrition, health care, natural herbs and medicine.


What’s next? How does this time-honored brand gain new vitality in the digital age?


With the support of Siemens, TRT Health has embarked on a new journey of digital transformation.

Implement digitalization now

In early 2019, TRT Health started to build an intelligent manufacturing site in the Daxing District of Beijing as a demonstration site, and initiated a partnership with Siemens to develop a digital platform for the factory, with Siemens Opcenter EX Pharma at its core.


The project will lay a solid foundation for TRT Health and the entire TRT Group.


There are multiple reasons for TRT Health to implement digital transformation.


For one thing, factories need to move to digitalization, moving from paper-based to digital document management, in order to meet the ever-elevating manufacturing standards of the pharmaceutical industry. For another, only through digitally enhanced flexibility and responsiveness can a factory quickly cater to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical market.


Moreover, in the changing industrial landscape, one thing remains the same for TRT Health: its commitment to providing high-quality products, which drives the company to adopt lean manufacturing strategy and implement digital solutions.

Transform toward Intelligent manufacturing

Through cooperation with Siemens to speed up its digital transformation, TRT Health will make every step of pharmaceutical production more accurate and efficient.


The seamless integration of Siemens Simatic PCS 7 and Opcenter EX Pharma plays a critical role in supporting TRT Health in moving toward intelligent manufacturing.

Standardized manufacturing system

Opcenter EX Pharma generates instructions based on the production schedule, which guide the overall standardized production. Electronic weighing and distribution management contribute to a high level of feeding accuracy, while automated container and equipment management help to reduce cross-contamination. Siemens Opcenter EX Pharma not only improves the production efficiency and quality, but also helps reskill operators for Industrie 4.0.

Transparent workshop management

With the help of Siemens Opcenter EX Pharma, the factory has broken down the information silos by connecting data from the equipment layer to the management layer, thus enabling the digital control and management of the entire production line. By unlocking the value of data, the system monitors the material consumption, equipment status and product quality throughout the manufacturing process, and presents the production status to factory managers in real time through a user-friendly interface. The system makes the workshop production completely transparent, which allows the customer to effectively manage and optimize the manufacturing process.

Traceable production process

Siemens Opcenter EX Pharma automatically identifies and collects material data through bar codes, and all records are kept in the system. That enables TRT Health factory managers to trace information from raw material to production, thus making the production more reliable and the management more efficient.


Through digital cooperation with Siemens, TRT Health has integrated a C2M production mode into its new intelligent manufacturing site. Digital solutions offered by Siemens not only provide the customer with a clearer picture of its production process, but also help them to adjust to market trends, allowing them to respond quickly to emerging opportunities.


The two time-honored brands TRT Health and Siemens are walking side by side toward a brighter, digital future.


July 2020