Driving prosperity of the world’s biggest airport

Siemens contributed state-of-the-art technologies to help ensure efficient and safe operations at Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Ensuring efficient and safe operations

In September 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport officially opened after almost five years of construction, welcoming its first passengers from all around the world. The new airport, a massive complex built on the outskirts of Beijing, China, features a 1 million-square meters-terminal building, making it the largest single-structure airport terminal in the world.


Beijing Daxing International Airport is expected to handle up to 45 million passengers per year by 2021 and reach an incredible 100 million in the future.


In this grand historic project, Siemens contributed state-of-the-art technologies to the mega airport as a reliable partner.


Siemens’ smart infrastructure solutions, including intelligent building technologies and reliable low and medium-voltage products, help ensure efficient and safe operations at Beijing Daxing International Airport.


Industrial technologies were also applied to support infrastructure. Siemens’ PLCs (programmable logic controller) and switches were used in the Building Automation Systems in the stations of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Express and the Beijing-Xiong’an intercity railway. In addition, Siemens’ high-voltage motors and high-voltage converters provided driving power to the aviation fuel pipeline connecting Tianjin harbor and the airport.

Creating perfect lighting atmosphere

Siemens’ smart lighting systems, which integrated thousands of lighting devices, are capable of automatically controlling lighting of multiple areas, including the terminal, transfer centers, and the parking building. Terminal lighting facilities supported by Siemens smart lighting systems can automatically adjust the brightness according to passenger flow.


Beijing Daxing International Airport also employs Siemens’ building automatic control system Desigo CC and smart hardware APOGEE. Desigo CC conveys instructions via APOGEE controllers, allowing integrated management of electromechanical equipment, such as air conditioners, fans and water pumps. The integrated system means efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved.


“After fully understanding what our customers required, we precisely calculated the system capacity and quantity of facilities to provide reliable and comprehensive solutions for them,” said Wang Tao, Beijing Office Manager of Building Products, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens China. “We are committed to building a comfortable, energy-efficient, sustainable and safe environment for the airport.”

Enabling stable power supply

Beijing Daxing International Airport adopted a great number of Siemens’ low and medium-voltage products, including the 3AE medium-voltage components, 3VA and 5S distribution box components, 3W low-voltage cabinet components and others, to ensure safe and stable power supply. As an indispensable part of power transmission and distribution, all of these facilities are widely distributed throughout the whole complex, covering the terminal, the parking building, security centers, police stations as well as working areas.


Li Ming, Senior Sales Manager of Smart Infrastructure, Siemens China, said: “The airport requires stable and reliable power supply throughout a very large area. Our reliable low and medium-voltage products can deal with all complicated situations and consequently, have won the customers’ appreciation.”

Earning the customers’ trust

The construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport was beyond doubt a complex and systematic project. Therefore, in 2015, Siemens sales and engineers begun to exchange ideas with the customers in a bid to develop sophisticated solutions based on their needs.


Li Yifei, Sales of Smart Infrastructure, Siemens China, reflected the times when she worked alongside the customers, “in accordance with the highest international standards, the new airport has strict requirements regarding reliability and stability of all products. My team always kept in thorough communication with the relevant designing institutes to ensure accuracy in every detail.”


Don’t hesitate to experience the new airport in person and see whether you can find Siemens’ products behind!

October, 2019