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Siemens helps create a perfect place for Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center in China

The Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center

In 2016, the Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center was constructed in Hangzhou, China. This innovative facility is Pfizer’s third biotechnology center globally and the first in Asia, which enables local production of high-quality and affordable biosimilar medicine, benefiting patients both in China and throughout the world. Thanks to Siemens digital solutions for intelligent buildings, a compliant and safe environment across the entire plant life-cycle has been created. It provides the prerequisite for breeding innovative biopharmaceutical technologies.

A comprehensive approach to cleanroom management

A cleanroom is a facility typically utilized in manufacturing environment of pharmaceutical industry. The cleanroom for medicine production is subject to a country’s stringent regulations that environmental parameters such as air cleanliness, pressure, temperature, humidity should be maintained at a certain level. In order to meet the regulatory air cleanliness level, the air pressure created within the room should be greater than the ambient pressure. In such case there’s no chance for the outside air carrying germs or contaminants to flow into the room, thus ensuring quality and safety of medicines.


Siemens Venturi air valve could precisely control the air volume, enabling the accurate control over pressure difference for cleanrooms. Other environmental parameters have also been constantly monitored and automatically controlled by Siemens Building Management System. The system manages facilities with the highest levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A magic weapon for laboratory safety

In biology, chemistry and pharma labs, toxic gases and biological hazard, along with other flammable and explosive substances threaten research technicians’ health. In such circumstances, Siemens integrated lab solution acts as a safeguard against potential safety risks, enabling people to focus on their work.


In the ventilation system of laboratories, fume hoods are critical to help clear the hazardous gases. Researchers do experiments in fume hoods, so toxic gases generated from chemical reactions could be immediately exhausted without leakage. Unlike cleanrooms that require positive pressure to protect interior environment, laboratories need negative pressure to prevent any possible toxic gases from escaping the room, so as to make sure the safety of exterior environment.


Siemens integrated lab solution could achieve stable automatic control of the fume hoods for effective discharge of toxic gases. The solution also includes the precise control of both local and overall air volume in the room to realize a stable environment of negative pressure.


As the only supplier with complete portfolio in the area of intelligent and integrated building solutions, Siemens also provided fire safety and security system to Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center to enhance facility safety. And thanks to Siemens Desigo CC, the management of building automation, fire safety and security system could be integrated on one single intuitive platform, which boosts efficiency and reduces costs significantly.


With ideal solutions delivered to customers in life science industries, Siemens Building Technologies (Tianjin) Ltd. has been recognized by Pfizer China as a reliable partner providing the whole package from system engineering design, system and product sales to onsite installation and commissioning.


Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center came into operation in 2018. Considering the outstanding performance on cost, schedule and safety, this project won 2019 Facility of the Year awards in the category of Project Execution, an annual program operated by International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

April 2019