Reporting Channels

Integrity and transparency are of the highest priority in supporting the confidence our customers, partners, shareholders and employees place in Siemens. Therefore, it is important that Siemens is aware of all compliance violations, especially those that are against the law or violate our Business Conduct Guidelines. In order to obtain knowledge of any compliance violations, we provide various ways for internal and external parties to report them. The compliance reporting channel “Tell Us,” the Ombudsperson and accounting complaints are protected channels that Siemens employees and external stakeholders can use to raise concerns about possible violations, confidentially and if desired, also anonymously. 

Compliance Hotline “Tell Us”

The “Tell Us” hotline is for reporting compliance violations in a secure manner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 13 languages, online or via telephone. You may choose to make your report anonymous. “Tell Us” can be used by employees and management as well as customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The “Tell Us” system is managed by a third party supplier. All data supplied in a report is maintained on secure servers in Germany. All reported content is handled exclusively by Siemens. Siemens internal whistleblowers are protected by special regulations that protect whistleblowers who make good faith reports to the best of their knowledge. Please be aware that intentional reporting of false information is prohibited by law in many countries. More information regarding whistleblower reports is available on the “Tell Us” homepage.


Toll-free hotline for the compliance reporting platform "Tell Us": 00800-80050055 


The Siemens Ombudsperson is the central complaints body for incorrect business practices. Siemens employees and third parties can turn to the ombudsperson as a neutral body on a confidential and anonymous basis if they have observed incorrect business practices in the company.


With a view to establishing secure communication paths for employees, Siemens has engaged the attorney Dr. Sibylle von Coelln from the law firm "HEUKING ∙ VON COELLN Rechtsanwälte" as an external ombudsperson. Employees can turn to this neutral contact at any time, in confidence, if they observe improper business practices or breaches of the pertinent Business Conduct Guidelines taking place within the company and exchange information:


Attorney Dr. Sybille von Coelln

Phone: +49 211 44 03 57 79