In a steel mill, you need a cool head

And networks that can take the heat. You need to be able to rely on industrial communication networks 24/7 – even under extreme environmental conditions. This is a clear case for our robust solutions.
Benefit from our expertise in industrial networks.

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Extreme operating conditions

Networks that can stand the heat

Smoke, dust, severe vibration, and extremely high temperatures: The challenging ambient conditions at a steel works place very tough demands on both humans and technology. That applies to industrial network components in particular.

Data quality ensures product quality

In steel mills, communication networks perform an important task for the furnace master, who is responsible for ensuring the quality of the end product: They transmit all the relevant data – like metal composition and weight – to the distributed control system and pass it on from there. To ensure smooth communication, the network components must be able to resist the extreme conditions found in a steel mill, where wired network solutions very quickly reach their limits. 

It’s essential to take the unique requirements of a steel mill into consideration when designing and implementing a wireless network. Large-scale equipment, for example, makes it difficult to construct a network with consistently high signal strength. Only once these barriers are overcome will the signals and data from the melting process reach the recipient at perfect quality – and ensure that the steel itself meets the highest standards.

Industrial ruggedness

Reliable communication with no ifs, ands, or buts

Industrial communication networks must overcome environmental limitations, not be defeated by them: Even tough climates and extreme conditions must not compromise their performance.

Made for industry

As a partner to industry, we understand your needs for fast, secure, uniform communication. Our experience and expertise with industrial communication help you to continuously improve and maintain your competitiveness – regardless of how complex your tasks may be – and regardless of how demanding the conditions where your applications have to run. 

You’ll find the right devices among our products and services: Components that can stand up to elevated temperatures or dusty and corrosive conditions and continue to function error-free.


Discover our products and services for industrial communication.

Network components

The right product for every application

Whether your application requires efficient data transmission despite strong electromagnetic disruption, extreme temperatures, or long distances: Our complete range of powerful and reliable network products is sure to improve efficiency. 

First choice for industrial applications

The SCALANCE product family comprises network components to ensure reliable operation in every industrial environment. It is completed by a cabling system for rapid, pre-assembled connections on-site, fast redundancy to ensure a high level of availability, and a management system to provide continuous monitoring of the network components. The network components from our RUGGEDCOM portfolio come into play when especially robust solutions are required. They provide absolute reliability under the toughest conditions, withstand extreme temperature ranges, are immune to powerful electromagnetic disruption, and enable ultra-fast network recovery when faults occur. Communications processors are another part of our extensive portfolio. These take the load off the CPU in controlling communications tasks, permit efficient integration into Industrial Ethernet, and assure connections to both automation systems and the IT environment.

Partner of industry

Industrial Networks Professional Services

Every possible aspect must be considered when designing and implementing communication networks. To ensure that the solution fulfils all requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and future-proofing, you need a partner with extensive network experience and comprehensive industrial and technological expertise. And these are just the qualities that define the experts from Siemens Industrial Networks Professional Services.

Successful examples from practical application

Around the world, companies in all industries rely on our skills with future-proof communication networks.
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Tailor-made for industry


Your partner for rugged industrial communication networks

Reliable data transfer in all circumstances: Are you looking for industrial networks that stand for uninterrupted communication, even under extreme conditions? We’re happy to help.

Benefit from our expertise in industrial networks

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