Ingenuity for life moving us forward

Siemens is elevating China upward for every industry it touches, and creating a better life for all of us.

The Belt & Road International Summit 2018

To connect, create and collaborate for a brighter future, The Belt & Road International Summit 2018 will be held from June 6-7, 2018. The Summit will connect all key stakeholders of regions in BRI to further communicate on project cooperation mechanism and best practices, promote strategic collaboration and value co-creation with innovative and digital technologies, and collaborate for a sustainable future along the Belt and Road.

Ingenuity for life

Elevating China upward

China is at a critical point of transformation in the "new normal". These challenges drive us to help customers achieve higher efficiency, more flexibility, shorter time to market and better quality with electrification, automation, and digitalization.

China's manufacturing sector is under pressure to transform. Ingenuity for life offers a way to successfully bring the sector into the future. Siemens solutions enable the integration of software and hardware, whereby companies can rapidly improve efficiency, flexibility, and quality. China's Ministry of Education is also nurturing a new generation of talent to ensure high quality in manufacturing for the future, with Siemens' support.


Cities need infrastructure investment and digital tech for efficient management, increased competitiveness and resilience. Ingenuity for life offers digital intelligence to city infrastructures, making them more livable. Intelligent traffic management integrates all transportation systems smoothly, efficiently and more environmentally friendly, which helps city dwellers feel more content.


China is the world’s largest energy consumer. Its soaring demand for energy and complex energy mix has a huge impact on the environment. Ingenuity for life offers a sustainable alternative. Like intelligent building systems and energy management solutions ensuring comfort and safety for the thousands who live, work and shop in ultra high-rise buildings.

Future of manufacturing

More efficiency and flexibility

Digitalization is dramatically transforming manufacturing. Both process and discrete industries benefit from the seamless integration of data from product development to production to supply chain. This helps manufacturers respond flexibly to the specific needs of their customers.

Satisfying individual customer demands and upgrading the Chinese manufacturing sector.

After decades of growth, manufacturing is the most important pillar of China‘s economy. But with rising labor costs, environmental pressure, overcapacity and declining exports, Chinese manufacturing is under a lot of pressure to upgrade.


Manufacturers must outperform global competition with shorter time-to-market, increased flexibility and resource efficiency, supported by personnel with competence in digitalization and skilled manufacturing. Manufacturers must outperform global competition with shorter time-to-market, increased flexibility and resource efficiency, supported by personnel with competence in digitalization and skilled manufacturing.


Siemens’ innovations help manufacturers upgrade to the latest digital product developments and production methods, allowing customers to manufacture goods more flexibly, efficiently and with a shorter time to market. As a result, companies can significantly improve flexibility and speed, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, Siemens has developed a series of plans to cultivate a new generation of engineering talent.


Intelligent infrastructure

Optimizing infrastructure

Sensors, software and control systems are the hallmarks of intelligent infrastructure: making traffic flow smoother, reducing energy consumption, protecting the environment and ensuring cities are attractive, comfortable places to live.

Intelligent infrastructure makes economies, cities and businesses more efficient, competitive and resilient.

Statistics show urbanization in China rose from 36% to 56% from 2000 to 2015. Rapid urbanization like this requires a people-oriented approach. Governments must ensure that infrastructures support current and future demands. Intelligent infrastructure solutions ensure efficient and reliable delivery of essential services. Reduce operating costs, boost capacity, improve resource efficiency and strengthen resilience, so they are able to withstand extreme weather and natural disasters.


Smart, integrated mobility systems ensure high capacity utilization and availability – at lower costs. What's more, people benefit from greater convenience, safety and punctuality. Integrated solutions for buildings set new standards in terms of efficiency, safety and comfort. Intelligent energy management solutions enable resource-saving and safe use of energy throughout the whole company.


Sustainable energy

Efficient energy saves our environment

Siemens is committed to supporting China in building a sustainable energy future. From fossil power to renewable energy, and centralized to distributed energy generation, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions comprising a sustainable energy system.

China plays a very important role in increasing energy efficiency in the world.

As the demand for energy continues to soar, China needs uninterrupted access to affordable and sustainable energy.


Siemens offers many solutions, including oil and gas, fossil fuel, wind power and renewable energy, power transmission and distribution, efficient power consumption, smart data and energy services. We help customers optimize energy operations, lower costs and make it safer and more efficient. We strive to increase efficiency and reliability, as well as lower emissions.


Siemens provides solutions to improve energy efficiency and help China build a sustainable energy future. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of cities in China, more and more super-skyscrapers have been erected. Siemens advanced energy management and intelligent building technology offers improved comfort, safety and efficiency.


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