How to fulfill the dream and work on the seas in safety?

In the past, working at sea could be dangerous. Today, families do not have to be concerned of explorers’ safety. They can fulfill the dream to explore the ocean and reach new frontiers thanks to the safe and stable BLUEWHALE I platform.
The Future of Manufacturing

A Milestone in Offshore Engineering

The world's advanced ultra-deepwater double-drill semi-submersible drilling platform, BLUEWHALE I, is a milestone in offshore engineering and the pride of China’s manufacturing. It weights more than 30,000 tons and has the maximum operating water depth of 3,658 meters and a maximum drilling depth of 15,240 meters - it can operate in 99% of the world's seas. The offshore giant is able to operate with stability, reliability and efficiency in the sea all year round thanks to Siemens advanced power system. It is a one-stop solution encompassing medium voltage power system, transformers, distribution system, thruster drives, drilling drives and thruster motors.   That’s Ingenuity for life.

Power Package System Provides Surging Energy

BLUEWHALE I has been described as the "aircraft carrier of offshore engineering”. Siemens Advanced Power Package provided reliable, strong power system for operation.

Siemens GEAFOL transformers adapt generated power voltage to suit the thruster drive, drilling drive and domestic consumer needs. High level safety, high level reliable NXPlus C medium-voltage switchgear and the low-voltage switchgear effectively distribute the electricity to each key section. All parts of the grid, from power generation to distribution, are perfectly compatible. In addition, the eight GM150 propulsion frequency converters and eight H-compact PLUS propulsion motors are integrated to provide continuous power for the 360° azimuth thrusters.

BLUEWHALE I can accurately locate wellheads with satellite positioning and high-precision sonar. It can locate itself in seas even during hurricanes and strong ocean currents. The Power Package System provides a strong and stable electricity supply for platform positioning, ensuring precise and balance, so that the platform is prevented from drifting.


The DP3 Closed Ring Power Solution improves the platform efficiency and safety

In China the DP3 Closed Ring Power Solution was applied for the first time in BLUEWHALE I. Thanks to its pioneering and innovative work, the efficiency of the platform has been greatly enhanced. The solution increases platform’s safety and stability, while ensuring energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Easy Maintenance
Effectively reducing the main engine’s operating and maintenance time as well as saving 50% of the main engine maintenance costs
Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance
Stand-by generators can start very quickly in the event of a sudden generator failure so the rig can avoid any accidents if it is ever out of power
Cutting fuel consumption by 11%, reducing nitrogen oxide by 35% and carbon dioxide emissions by 20%

Continuous energy for the deep-sea giant

It is important to help BLUEWHALE I to achieve energy efficiency, stability and security. Siemens Power Package System has helped the platform pass a number of certifications from one of the world's leading classification societies, Norway's Det Norske Veritas.

Leading digital enterprise development

Industrie 4.0 is the trend of tomorrow’s manufacturing. Siemens is a trusted partner across various fields providing both hardware and software products to cover the entire production process, ensure interoperability of all components and allow customers to communicate with both partners and end-users.

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