How is Cathay implementing digital enterprise now? 

In distant Wusu, Xinjiang, China, a digital factory is quietly rewriting the future of the bio-manufacturing industry. While 76% of manufacturers believe an 'Industry 4.0’ strategy will increase their competitiveness, only 57% say they are prepared for digital transformation and only 6% have a clear roadmap* (Source: McKinsey). The few who take this leap are those with the vision and courage to step into the unknown and tap into a limitless potential. (*Source: McKinsey Quaterly, May 2017) 
Customer challenge

Tackling the challenges

The digital factory: the key to unlocking the potential of a growing industry

Cathay produces polymers – an essential element for various chemical products – with bio-manufacturing, using renewable raw materials like corn instead of oil. Expanding the business meant reproducing a highly complex and sensitive laboratory process at an industrial scale. Cathay needed a technology partner who could provide the full potential of digital manufacturing. Consistency, repeatability, guaranteed quality and greater efficiency – this was the secret to Cathay’s successful expansion, and the key to a new future for the bio-manufacturing industry.

Cathay’s Wusu plant adopts Siemens’s complete digital factory solution, covering the entire lifecycle of the plant in design, construction, operation and maintenance, enabling Cathay to fully upgrade every step of its process, from R&D to production.

Building digital factory in Wusu Xinjiang, Cathay will be able to yield insights from big data that improves the production process, this is the strength of digitalization.
— Xiucai Liu, Chairman & CEO, Cathay

Cathay built its digital factory, opening up a new phase of efficient, controllable and continuously optimized production, with Siemens as its reliable digital technology partner.

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Voices from Cathay

As the Digital Factory is Built, Our Digitalization Team Grows as well
— Naiqiang Li, VP of Technology, Cathay

Siemens helped Cathay build a solid digital team with experienced and professional engineers working at every key step, providing hands-on training to help client’s digtial team grow rapidly, allowing for autonomous factory control and guaranteed future operations.

Patent R&D as a Core-Competitiveness has been Upgraded and Become Safer
— Howard Chou, VP of R&D, Cathay

With the help of Siemens data analysis, Cathay streamlined its R&D procedure, sparking a major boost in efficiency while guaranteeing patent security through isolated storage of unified parameters.

The benefits of transformation

Cathay Wusu digital factory, transforming soon

Expected results for a sustainable future

Fully unlocking its potential, Cathay Wusu plant first phase annual capacity to be expected


tons bio-based DN5


tons long-chain dicarboxylic acids (LCDA)


 tons bio-based polyamide

Using Siemens’ complete digital plant solution, Cathay’s Wusu production site has expanded production capacity, building a strong foundation for continuing self-optimization and upgrade as business expands. Cathay is not only set to remain at the forefront of the industry, but is leading the push to allow more and more people to enjoy environmentally-friendly and sustainable products.

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Full lifecycle digital manufacturing solutions

Due to digital twin, Cathay can simulate and optimize factory prior to commission and continuously optimize products, production processes, and even every equipment in a completely virtual environment, which improves the pace of both innovation and productivity. Siemens holistic solutions include:
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