Elevating heartbeats. A partnership for a new level of performance

What makes hearts beat faster? The strive to improve. A world-class team. The ingenious ones who change the game, by combining the digital and the real world. Both partners, Siemens and FC Bayern continuously search for ways to set new benchmarks and create real value for society through what is done and how it is done. It's a partnership based on collaboration, shared purpose and co-creation. That's Ingenuity for life.
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FC Bayern and Siemens

Partnership for a new level of performance

What do the nearly 127 million FC Bayern fans worldwide have in common with the operators of advanced power stations, transportation infrastructure, high tech factories, high speed trains, and more? They all benefit from the shared DNA that brings FC Bayern and Siemens together.  


FC Bayern rewards the amazing fan loyalty with an exciting game experience - which Siemens contributes to. What makes it so unforgettable? The club’s unique signature approach: good attack football.  But it's also in the versatility of the players combined with complex positional play.  The game is ingenious, innovative and never conventional.


Siemens has a new role with FC Bayern as a partner for performance, helping FC Bayern to create the magical fan experience at the heart of the game, while contributing to the ecosphere touching lives beyond stadium walls. Optimizing performance, delivering new levels of value, and re-setting expectations of what's possible thanks to digitalization is driven by ingenuity.  Our partnership is based on shared values, collaboration and co-creation.


The Siemens Challenge at the #FCBayernHackDays from Jan 19-22 at the Allianz Arena

Siemens is taking part as one out of 7 challenges at the #FCBayernHackDays. Participants from all over the world and from different disciplines are taking on the Siemens Challenge which is defined as the following:

Journey to Allianz Arena – A new way to experience the way to Allianz Arena, no matter what kind of transportation

  • How would you provide best transportation fitting to each individual’s needs as speed, comfort, in groups or alone?
  • What is your idea for fan interaction on the way to the stadium?
  • How is the subway, the autobahn or even the subway station itself part of the experience?

We are excited to hear what they come up with!


Unleashing the magic of the game

FC Bayern cannot stand still nor take the fans for granted. The club wants to deliver a memorable experience for fans that is comfortable for everyone. For more than 70.000 people in the stadium, Siemens provides mobility, safety and power supply solutions. Digital transformation is going to be the key: to the fan experience, to the player experience and to the way Munich experiences a home game. 
Changing the game through digitalization

Driving team performance

Every player has various drivers: their innate natural ability, their sense of teamwork and collaboration, and their determination to succeed. But now thanks to digital manufacturing, there is one more way to bring out the best in each player.

The right equipment makes all the difference. In fact, it's essential. It improves traction, stability and lessens the risk of injury. 


Individualized sport articles help athletes to perform at the highest level. Yet this requires a manufacturing process that is flexibly adaptive and integrates new technologies fast. 


As a world market leader for digital factory automation and simulation solutions, Siemens is helping to change the game through digitalization. Siemens collaborates with many manufacturers in the sports industry to help them respond more quickly, transparently and individually to the athletes needs. For example, with pass-through products to produce equipment that meets the professionals exact, individual functional requirements.

Changing the game experience

Reach the highlight of the week smoothly

Football teams and their stadia are economic hubs for the local area. They also bear a responsibility to make game day as smooth as possible and to minimize disruption.


For instance, with trains, metros, and on light rail visitors get to and from the stadium safely and easily. Likewise, Siemens traffic management systems regulate the flow of traffic on the motorways near the stadium. This makes trips to the stadium less stressful for fans and the impact on surrounding communities is reduced. Digital solutions anticipate the traffic volume, adjusting traffic signals to manage the huge influx of supporters into the parking areas; and easing the flow of traffic as fans leave at the end of the game. 

Unleashing the magic of the game

Making FC Bayern's signature fan experience unforgettable

Fans expect an outstanding experience with a great level of digital connectedness, convenience and customer service. By enhancing the qualities of the stadium, the club can take the fan experience to the next level.
Reaching for excellence together.

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