This building is a seed.

At Qingdao’s Sino-German Ecopark in China, building management systems from Siemens make the Passive House Technology Center a perfect place to protect our future. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating perfect places

Something drives us every day to make buildings better

People spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors – starting with our birth in hospitals, learning at schools, developing at universities, succeeding in office buildings. Buildings are not just a place for working and living. They are the places where we spend our lives.

We all begin our lives in a perfect place: In our mother’s tummy. A place where it is never too cold, never too warm, never too loud, never too quiet; a place where we can always feel safe and secure.

We improve buildings – and therefore we improve people’s lives. We create perfect places for every stage of life. Why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places?

A perfect place to minimize environmental impact

Passive House Technology Center: This building is a seed

13,768 square meters for uncompromising sustainability – that’s the Passive House Technology Center of Qingdao’s Sino-German Ecopark. A showroom, multifunctional meeting hall and various offices, meeting rooms and appartments demonstrate that protecting the environment does not mean compromising on comfort.
Passive House Technology Center is a building that’s perfect for the environment and the perfect living environment. This building is a seed.
Mr. Mao Shiqing, General Manager at Sino-German United Group Co.Ltd.
Digitalization creates a perfect living environment

Building management systems and building information modeling enable the Passive House Technology Center to protect the environment

Digitalization means buildings talk. Buildings tell us how they feel, if they are under stress, what they are missing. The Passive House Technology Center uses intelligent building management systems and building information modeling (BIM) to talk through its entire lifecycle. It is talking about what it needs to operate as efficient as possible to create a perfect living environment that’s perfect for the environment.

When it comes to building automation, sustainability is a matter of intelligence

Right from the beginning, Siemens was a part of supporting the development of the Passive House Technology Center. To meet the ambitious goal of gaining the Passive House Institute (PHI) certification and the 3-star certification of Green Building in China, a Siemens solution is key.

At the heart of this solution, the building management platform Desigo CC uses 1,200 data points and 25 cabinets containing several controllers each to provide the operating information for continuous monitoring and analysis of the buildings energy consumption.

As a demonstration center, the Passive House Technology Center has to integrate a multitude of subsystems into one single platform. The brain behind this solution is the building management platform Desigo CC. It builds a seamless connection between more than six different subsystems and ensures that they are perfectly coordinated. At the same time, Desigo Total Room Automation communicates with the BIM platform. This way, BIM is active throughout the entire building lifecycle. In combination with its more than 25 energy saving functions, the building management platform Desigo CC becomes vital to create a place that has minimum impact on the environment, but an enormous impact on how you live.

With the right technology, energy efficiency happens automatically

In addition, Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) uses 15 sets of RoomOptiControl modules that allow people living and working in the building to adjust lighting and room climate precisely to their needs. Thanks to TRA’s intelligently linked efficiency function, the system automatically detects unnecessary energy consumption in the room and provides tips for optimum and efficient operation with the Green Leaf button – and turns the Passive House Technology Center into a showcase for efficiency and sustainability.


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The perfect equipment for creating perfect places

Intelligent building management systems turn the Passive House Technology Center into a perfect place to protect our future. Find out all about the products and solutions to create your own perfect place.