Digitalization means buildings talk.

Creating perfect places

Ingenuity for life creates perfect places – with digitalization.

People spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors – starting with our birth in hospitals, learning at schools, developing at universities, succeeding in office buildings. Buildings are not just a place for working and living. They are the places where we spend our lives. 

We all begin our lives in a perfect place: In our mother’s tummy. Why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places?

We create perfect places – with digitalization.

All around the world, buildings are doing something they’ve never done before. They are talking! Digitalization gives them a voice.

Buildings tell us how they feel, if they are under stress, what they are missing.

We understand what they are saying!

And with the information they give us, we create perfect places. Experience up close  how we help you to create your own perfect place with digitalization and watch the video to get to know more about "Creating perfect places"!

Reference Radio Bremen

On Air 24/7: How digitalization ensures reliable and efficient broadcast for Radio Bremen

Always up to date every minute, every second: Punctuality and reliable broadcast transmission are top priority for every radio station. Radio Bremen is ideally equipped to provide its listeners around the clock with information and entertainment: Innovative energy data management enables the station to optimize its energy efficiency continuously and offers one hundred percent operational availability.

Bringing it all together thanks to digitalization: thousands of data points operated via one system

The Desigo building automation system connects Radio Bremen's three buildings with an environmentally friendly air conditioning and ventilation system creating one efficient overall system. The building automation concept includes several thousand data points that are operated via Desigo. This also enables equipment from different manufacturers to be integrated into the system.                              

Yet environmental aspects have also been considered: Innovative building technologies include condensing boilers and chillers, and alternative energy sources such as underground well cooling systems, concrete core cooling and heat recovery. The system is very stable, thanks to modern remote maintenance technology. 

The key to cost savings and energy efficiency: maximal transparency with the help of digitalization

Another advantage of this solution is energy data management supported by Navigator  the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform. With Navigator, Radio Bremen can easily review consumption data, evaluating and identifying savings potential as a result. This allows the radio network to continually optimize its properties, cutting energy costs and maximizing energy efficiency.

Digitalization in the building market

More transparency and added value from building data with digitalization

With our strong core in automation, we drive the digital transformation in the building market: Better informed decisions, optimized investments and effective use of buildings – with our digitalization competence, we create additional value for our customers.

#CreatingPerfectPlaces around the world