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Enabling urban technologies that matter. Improving mobility and energy efficiency are key to developing global cities. Siemens combines engineering and financing expertise to bring much-needed infrastructure progress to life.
Driving smart city development

Smart finance for smart cities

The Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 (November 15-17 in Barcelona, Spain) showcases the future of urban infrastructure. Experts from Siemens Financial Services are on hand at this premium event to discuss the financing behind the transformative smart city projects.

A growing number of cities are approaching smart transformation through a series of infrastructure projects. Because, however, public sector budgets often lack the funds to leverage the benefits of smart city development, alternative forms of finance from the private sector have become a priority.

Our global “SmartStart” study contains estimates for potential accessible funding that the top 40% of cities could be raising from private-sector asset finance for smaller-scale investments. These investments could be anything from vehicle routing and parking systems to e-vehicles and low-energy street lighting. Click on the button below to learn more about the SmartStart accessible funding in 13 countries around the globe.

As for the larger-scale projects, Siemens’ capacity as an operator, consultant and financier also means we can develop risk solutions to accompany emerging technology – thus reducing mitigation costs and attracting additional investment.

Discover how financing can shape
our urban future

The global challenge

The need for infrastructure financing

The demand for global infrastructure development is clear, but it all has to be financed to be realized – and projects often face financial constraints.

Increasing urbanization, ballooning populations and climate change all add up to the pressing need for infrastructure that is smarter, more sustainable and more reliable.

Financing plays a vital role in facilitating infrastructure development around the world, especially in times of limited public funding or commercial budgets. However, when it comes to upgrading infrastructure or implementing new technologies, many policymakers and business owners are not fully aware of the financing possibilities that can help manage risks, reduce initial costs, or make complicated projects bankable.

At Siemens, we understand the complex investment decisions behind the infrastructure technologies that matter – by combining our deep technological knowledge and innovative financing expertise.

Our solutions

Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure Development

Siemens has been supporting the development of Chinese cities with its leading solutions in building technologies, low- and medium-voltage equipment and public heating, etc. On the basis of these technological advantages, leasing solutions from Siemens Financial Services can effectively clear finance obstacles in infrastructure projects, improve budget control and liquidity.


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