Greater flexibility on the path to more individual products


Digitalization offers new ways to personalize dairy products

The dairy sector is characterized by high cost sensitivity and mass production, while innovative packaging and a growing variety of flavors are increasingly shaping the market. To meet all general and customer requirements, digitalization is providing the dairy industry with new ways to optimize the entire value chain. Based on our extensive range of products, systems and solutions designed specifically for the dairy industry, both process and discrete workflows can be optimally coordinated. This lowers costs while maximizing quality and increasing flexibility.

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Discover our holistic approach for the dairy industry

Our approach is holistic: We combine innovative automation solutions, state-of-the-art software concepts and specific financing offers to create a complete package that enables you to increase your competitiveness, productivity and sustainability.
Smart Financing

At Siemens, we can help you to identify the right technology for your needs as well as the means to afford it. Siemens Financial Services has an innovative range of finance solutions that remove the need for you to use your precious capital.

These solutions can be structured to support your exact cash flow require­ments and can be tailored to incorporate any additional require­ments such as software, service, maintenance etc. Our aim is to keep your cash positive, and we call this Smart Financing.


Discover the possibilities

Sustainable packaging

High consumption of materials and energy was routine. Now, revolutionary cold wrapping technology is being used in what is known as an orbital wrapping process: The products are wrapped in an extremely elastic, ultra-thin stretch film. The results are impressive: energy consumption down 90 percent, 70 percent less plastic and 40 percent less cardboard.


Quite substantial figures, which equate to a 70 percent reduction in the overall carbon footprint.  Furthermore, the material used to make the film was developed to be up to 100 percent recyclable, bringing the vision of a more circular economy within reach.


Sustainable packaging


The Food and Beverage Industry is facing new challenges also at the intralogistics area, at least because of the rapid growth of e-commerce.


Growing inventory turnover rates with ever-shorter storage periods, small order quantities with fast delivery times, increasing return rates, and increased delivery quantities on short notice all require flexible, scalable intralogistics processes with maximum reliability and availability.




Digitalization and the growing networking of machines and industrial systems also mean an increase in the risk of cyberattacks. Soft Drinks facilities are not the exception, appropriate protective measures are imperative. An approach that covers all levels simultaneously – from the operational to the field level and from access control to copy protection – is essential for compre­hensively protect industrial facilities against internal and external cyberattacks.


With “defense in depth”, Siemens provides a multilayer security concept that gives plants both all-round and in-depth protection as recommended by the international standard IEC 62443. 


Cybersecurity for Industry

IT/OT Integration

Horizontal and vertical integration means breaking down information silos and using all the data that a company generates. The optimal utilization of the data generated in production requires that Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks seamlessly interact. Our Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept combines all required technologies to achieve this goal.


Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

OT/IT Networks

Siemens Industrial Edge

Siemens IoT

Tracking and Tracing

Product genealogy

By recording material movements with Opcenter Execution Process, the history of a product can be built up. The entire process of the production is trans­parent, and this ensures the reliability of sustainability claims, in the areas of human rights and labor.


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Trusted traceability

Blockchain technology enables products in the food and beverage industry to be tracked transparently throughout their entire life cycle –

from the field all the way to the kitchen.

Read our white paper to learn how we enable complete traceability for the

F and B industry with the help of this technology and the IoT OS MindSphere.


White paper


RFID and locating solutions



Siemens’ digital simulation tech­nologies allow processes to be tested throughout the production lifecycle to better understand the ‘what if?’ scenarios and optimize capacity. By creating a precise virtual model of a product, process or production plant, manufacturers can predict and analyze performance and can identify improvements before further financial commitments.




Flexible recipe control

You need an effective process automation system, even for the largest food & beverage plants?


Here you go: SISTAR is easy to operate and precisely offers the functions you need for mixing and producing recipe-based soft drinks. With SISTAR, you have total transparency. SISTAR lets you access current reports at any time. And with the optional connection to SIMATIC Opcenter, you can enjoy a fully developed MES/MOM solution.


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Today’s Food & Beverage industries are facing tremendous challenges on the path to climate-neutral, economical, and high-quality production.

We help our customers to boost their productivity while supporting their sustainability goals so that they can optimize their buildings, production plants, auxiliary installations and power demand. We’re supporting them in the production of high-quality, nutritious food and beverages.


Energy efficiency


Siemens DEGREE


Standardization is the basis for digitalization. Siemens offers a standardization concept involving technologies, data interfaces, communications and integrated solutions.

For the soft drinks industry, for example, a standardized ready-to-use Line Integration System to integrate machines, from either the same or different OEMs, providing visualization and monitoring of performance as well as operating authority.

This system offers a concept that supports OPC UA with both OMAC User Group and Weihenstephan standards.


Standardization with TIA

Line Integration System

Plant Efficiency and Maintenance

Food and Beverage manufacturers are increasingly understanding the need to process production data on an even larger scale.


Siemens can help your organization to collect, connect, and convert your many sources of data into valuable information to help you measure and manage your operations. By connecting this data, an accurate snapshot of performance can be taken, unlocking root cause analysis and accelerated production improvement as a result. Complementing this, Siemens provides a comprehensive portfolio supporting condition-based maintenance to ensure the plant efficiency.


Process Visualization

Opcenter Intelligence  

Smart Condition Monitoring


Digital Threads

Master the challenges of complexity in dairies with the use of technology

Manufacturers of dairy products are facing a huge increase in complexity: In consumer-driven markets, demand for personalization and individualization is growing. New variants, produced fast and with highest quality, can be handled easier thanks to Digital Threads.

Discover the Digital Threads in the dairy industry

Digital Threads are a critical part of our Digital Enterprise strategy. Each of the five threads anchors in one of the Digital Twins from product development all the way to tracking the final product. The Digital Threads help solving the most important customer problems independent of company size and market. They can be implemented individually for each company, starting where value is created.

Leverage your existing IP for new projects

Integrated Program and Lifecycle Management is a revolutionary way of working, integrating, and orchestrating relevant business processes – from Brand Portfolio Management to Product Lifecycle Management. Whenever you create a new initiative, you can look back at all the IP you have in your organization and leverage it. For example, if you have a new flavor you only have to invest the work to create the new flavor. Then you can reuse everything you’ve created for previous products, adapt it and save a lot of time.

Pave the way for continuous innovation

In the food and beverage industry, the product comprises for example the beverage and the packaging. Developing a new product requires a multidisciplinary design. Building a bridge between R&D and manufacturing for beverage and packages with Smart Product and Process Design helps accelerate development. Simulation, validation, documentation, and use of virtual assets all around the world for are the foundation for continuous innovation.

Adapt to changing requirements

Product Design and Optimization enables validation and commissioning of new facilities or modifying existing facilities in the virtual world. This helps explore many different possibilities and save significant amounts of time and money, for example with the Module Type Package industry standard and Digital Twins. You can also use virtual reality to validate the cooperation between humans and robots for ergonomic workplaces.

Combining the real and the digital worlds

Flexible Manufacturing provides seamless transition from the digital world with design, engineering, and simulation to shopfloors with the right technology to effectively manage operation and automate execution.

Gain insights and continuously optimize products and production

Use the latest technologies to capture data and gain new insights. Edge and cloud analytics help to better understand performance of a plant or for predictive maintenance of the equipment on-site and remotely. Siemens Trusted Traceability consists of the three layers IoT, MindSphere, and Blockchain.

Infinite opportunities from infinite data – by becoming a Digital Enterprise with Siemens Xcelerator

Infinite opportunities from infinite data – by becoming a Digital Enterprise with Siemens Xcelerator

By transforming into a true Digital Enterprise, companies can collect, understand and use the infinite amount of data created in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The result: A continuous loop of optimization in near real-time, maximum transparency, and reduced resource consumption to make industry more sustainable. With Siemens Xcelerator – our easy, flexible, and open digital business platform – we help our customers to accelerate their digital transformation to become a Digital Enterprise. Discover the possibilities for your company!

#F&BTechTalks: Webinar series – Secure competitive advantages in the food and beverage industry with digitalization
#F&BTechTalks | Webinar series

Innovative concepts for the food and beverage industry

Discover proven digitalization concepts for existing and new systems in the food and beverage industry, with which you can secure competitive advantages. In the practice-oriented webinars you will learn how our customers were able to optimize their systems successfully and how you can implement these findings for your company.

Optimize production processes through modernization that preserves liquidity

Why modernize now?

  • Increase production efficiency
    Increase the efficiency of your dairy through better raw material yields, less material loss, and optimized throughput times, and avoid production downtime.
  • Increase sustainability
    Optimize the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals through targeted modernization – for sustainable production and a better CO₂ balance.
  • Accelerate time to market and protect processes
    Respond faster and more flexibly to new market demands through more efficient development and production of new products and easier product changes and protect your dairy from the growing threat of cyberattacks with a holistic approach.
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Here you’ll find exclusive content – including white papers, videos, and other media – relating to trends, developments, and digitalization strategies for the food and beverage industry.

See how dairies benefit from our solution portfolio

Many of our products and solutions from the Digital Enterprise portfolio are already being successfully used in the dairy industry. Here are some examples.
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Together with Siemens to Industry 4.0

Digitalization pays off

Individualized mass production enabled by digital technologies provides the key to optimized business processes and sustainable success in the food and beverages industry. Learn directly from our experts how you can create a digital twin from your entire value chain all the way from product design to production, services and marketing, to act more flexibly, improve margins, and react on new trends in a targeted manner.

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Our Solution Partners are the experts for your specific challenges. With customized automation solutions and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins and blockchain, you benefit from flexible, secure batch processes, recipe-accurate production and sophisticated dosing and mixing applications. Take advantage of the industry know-how and many years of project experience of our certified partners for your solutions based on digital technologies and systems and achieve more flexibility, speed and safety in your production with shorter time-to-market.

Innovative financing offers for the food and beverage industry

With innovative automation and digitalization technologies, you can respond faster to changes in demand and new trends. But what's the best way to make these investments without straining your bank’s credit line? This is where Siemens Financial Services comes in: With a unique combination of financing and technology expertise, our experts develop the right financing offer for you, such as leasing, installment plans or pay-for-performance models.

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