The converter dedicated for pump and fan applications

SINAMICS G120XA:Master the elements

SINAMICS G120XA as the new member of Siemens SINAMICS converter, power range covers from 0.75kW~560kW. The integrated functions for all kinds of pumps and fans applications, vector control algorithm with high performance can easily drive the loads of fans, pumps and compressors.                           

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High efficiency, energy saving, reliable and easy to use.

These are all you can achieve on driving your pump and fan with SINAMICS G120XA.
The sum of the advantages

Harness the power of the elements

SINAMICS G120XA is optimized for pump and fan applications.

With SINAMICS G120XA, users tap on the power of the elements for everyone's benefit.

The new frequency converter comes as a complete product series – standardized and seamless when it comes to all supply voltages and supply types, and available in a power range extending from 0.75 kW to 560 kW. The devices are in compliance with global EMC standards.

Thanks to its rugged design, SINAMICS G120XA can be used in harsh conditions. The frequency converter can also be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C2 standard.

Voltage / Power range

FSA ... FSG:3 AC 380V (-20%) ... 440V (+10%), 0.75-250kW

FSH / FSJ:   3 AC 380V (-15%) ... 440V (+10%), 315-560kW 

47 / 63 Hz ± 5%

Control mode

V/f (linear, parabolic, FCC, ECO), SLVC

Modbus RTU, USS, BACnet MS/TP Version:


PROFINET, EtherNet IP Version:

6DI/2DO/2AI/1AO  (Can Choose I/O Extension Module as Option)

Modbus RTU, USS, BACnet MS/TP, PROFINET, EtherNet IP
P&F function
PID controller, First pipe filling, Deragging, Multi-pump
Energy-saving function

ECO mode, Hibernation, Bypass, Energy/Flow meter

Special protection function

Frost protection, Condensation protection, Cavitation protection, Essential Service Mode (ESM), Load monitor


Specific functions for W&WW application

SINAMICS G120XA provides a deragging function to sustainably remove deposits and dirt from pump impellers. The pipe filling mode allows pipes to be gently filled at the beginning of the control process before going into closed-loop controlled operation. The innovative cavitation detection function protects pumps and reduces maintenance costs. The keep running mode reduces the speed before a possible shutdown. Multipump operation allows several pumps to be controlled from just one frequency converter. Many additional functions, directly supported by the converter, makes SINAMICS G120XA universally applicable in pump and fan applications.

Specific functions for Metro Ventilation application

Quick restart function can shorten the restart time after transient power failure. SINAMICS G120XA also provide the automatic restart after power failure. The fire mode can maintain the normal operation of the purging system or the fan of the emergency ventilation system, for the length of time required in extreme cases.


Frequency hopping avoids mechanical resonance and reduces premature wear.


SINAMICS G120XA also provides a real-time clock, to automatically operate via the time control, and report the detailed timestamp when fault or alarm occurs. 

Overview of strengths

Attractive from every perspective – and fit for the future

SINAMICS G120XA provides better cost solution of usage. It perfectly matches high energy efficiency motors, adopts advanced motor control algorithm, integrates intimate energy consumption calculation and monitoring function. It saves energy from sizing to operation.

Delivered installed and ready-to-run with all essential features

When developing this new series of frequency converters, we placed the emphasis on simplicity – in every respect. SINAMICS G120XA can be quickly integrated into your applications.

-      Simple ordering

-      Simple integration into existing applications

-      Simple commissioning (using the multi-color IOP-2 operator panel or Smart Access Module)

-      Simple operation, setup and settings

-      Simple to match any motor, especially effective with PMSM, Reluctance motor

Ensure your drive systems always work

SIEMENS has done a lot of work in designing the reliability and robustness of the SINAMICS G120XA to address globally increasing customer requirements. This means that the frequency converter always operates with a high degree of stability – even during line supply fluctuations. To reduce harmonics, up to a power of 250 kW, devices have an integrated DC link reactor.

The SINAMICS G120XA rugged and can operate in almost any environment: its operation temperature range is from -20°C to 60°C (depends on detail frame size). This series of inverter meets IP20 of protection grade and standard with 3C2 coating.

So that your drive application is cost effective

To be both effective and cost efficient – these are key criteria for ideal converter operation. Both aspects have huge significance when it comes to state-of-the-art drive applications. The features with which we have maximized the efficiency of SINAMICS G120XA have been appropriately optimized.

The flexibility of the converters when selecting an appropriate motor is also a big plus: The converter allows high-efficiency motors to be used for maximum energy-saving operation. For low dynamic loads, the ECO mode ensures the best possible performance and lowest losses for low dynamic loads. It also optimizes the output power to reduce the energy consumption of the driven load.

The bypass function* allows the motor to be switched between converter and line operation to reduce energy consumption. The energy/flow calculator calculates energy saving and the flow value without requiring the installation of an external meter.

* Bypass function is only supported on induction motors 


Further information


motor out of step

The treatment of motor stalled, generally need reset motor parameter and motor data identification


CU IO wiring guidance

Guide users for correct wiring with correct tools


IOP-2 firmware update

Guide users of updating IOP-2 firmware


description of the high temperature of G120XA side shell surface

Explain the reason of high temperature of G120XA side shell surface


Instruction of G120XA FSH-J X9 terminal strip

Guide users to use the X9 connector in FSH-J


G120XA quick commissioning

Guide users to do quick commissioning via BOP-2


Cavitation protection

introduces the use condition and configuration of G120XA cavitation protection


G120XA CU no display and CU busy

Guide users to correctly judge and solve the CU no display and CU busy problem


EMC installation guideline/ basic system requirement

Guide users for correct EMC system design and installation


Advantages of the integrated DC link reactor

Describe the advantages of the integrated DC link reactor, and the difference of AC reactor


two/three-wire system control

Guide users to realize two/three-wire system control on G120XA


Methods of preventing parameter modification by mistake

Different methods for preventing G120 converter parameters

Describe the ECO function and the matters need attention

Easy configure and order

Configure and order your SINAMICS G120XA in no time at all

You can easily configure and order the complete drive using just one order number. The drive is delivered pre-assembled and can be commissioned immediately ready to switch on. You can also order SINAMICS G120XA frequency converters using the Siemens Drive Technology Configurator in the Internet. The configurator supports you when selecting the best product version for your application.

Configure your SINAMICS G120XA

Configure directly online