Railigent® – the platform to manage your assets smarter

Railigent tracks the whole data journey

Railigent from Siemens Mobility Services empowers you to fully exploit your rail data and get more out of your systems. This new mobility platform maps the entire data journey from track sensor to smartphone. It then transforms the huge and diverse amount of data into an intelligent, customized user interface. From highly aggregated KPIs at the management level to a detailed root cause analysis for maintenance in the depot: targeted, role-specific information for operation and maintenance is derived from the same underlying data. Naturally safeguarded using state-of-the-art data security, monitoring technology, and protective mechanisms.
The value in data lies in putting it all together. For the future, that means we have to bring together all of our vehicle knowledge from the combined perspectives of operators, maintenance and manufacturers, to ensure the data is analyzed meaningfully.
Rainer Beller, Chief Technical Officer, Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE)

Railigent – monitor, analyze, and predict

Rail asset management for greater availability, increased cost efficiency, and improved reliability.

Whether for the remote monitoring of your systems, fast diagnostics, or preventive failure prediction – our Digital Services are all based on Railigent. This mobility-specific platform uses the Siemens-wide architecture for industrial data analytics to provide standard tools for data processing, storage, and analysis.

Leading to greater availability, longer service life, and a higher level of maintenance and operating efficiency for all components.


Proven success – optimized maintenance and operation planning

Rail transport is made more punctual, cost effective, reliable, and safe thanks to monitoring, analysis, and predictive service concepts.

Railigent in action

Intelligent data gathering, monitoring, and analysis are now the reality for prescriptive maintenance in the rail transport industry – and the success can be seen in the following sample references.