Siemens Industry Online Support App

Get optimal support anywhere!

With the Industry Online Support App you have access to more than 300,000 documents about all the Siemens Industry products - any time and anywhere.


The main functions at a glance

The main functions at a glance

  • Scan your product codes / EAN codes for a direct display of all technical and graphic data (e.g. CAx data) about your Siemens Industry product. 
  • Send your product information or entries per e-mail in order to process the information directly at the workstation.
  • Send your requests to Technical Support at your convenience. Detail information can easily be added using the scan or photo function.
  • Use the offline cache function to save your favorites to your device. In this way you can call these entries, products and conferences even without network coverage. 
  • Transfer PDF documents to an external library. 
  • The contents and surfaces are available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese) – including a temporary switching to English.
App Download

Release information and download

The new version (V4.4) of the Online Support app for iOS & Android is available!

It is now also available in Chinese app stores from Huawei, Baidu & Anzhi Market!

These are the key features of the new update:

  • Language settings:
    The language can be changed in the app. When updating to 4.4, the desired language can be selected. The app language does not depend on the phone settings anymore.
  • Scan functionality:
    Optimizations and expansions. IOP code scanning capability and display of an interim page for product selection.
  • My Scans:
    You even can scan barcodes without being connected to the internet. Later you can see them under My Scans
  • Field-Service Request (limited availibility):
    Capable of generating a Field-Service Request.
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes