Thirty inventions per work day, numbering 7,500 a year – these figures alone show the innovative strength of our employees worldwide. They play a key role in leading Siemens toward a successful future. We’d like to introduce eight inventors.
Inventors of the Year 2016
Munich, December 6, 2016

Inventors of the Year 2016

Siemens has been presenting the Inventors of the Year award annually since 1995 to outstanding researchers and developers.

Category 1

New Talents

They are newcomers: these award winners may have completed their college degrees not so long ago, but they have still managed to register a large number of inventions in just a few years at Siemens. Their enthusiasm for technology, their creativity and their determination have earned them great respect and recognition from professional experts.
Category 2

Open Innovation

They are crossover experts: like all inventors, they like to think outside the box. And they go even further by constantly changing their perspective. As highly motivated technicians, they know which technologies have what it takes to succeed. What’s more, the award winners are not from Siemens, but include people from universities or start-ups who have worked closely with Siemens and thus personify our open innovation strategy.
Category 3

Single Outstanding Innovation

Game changers make their mark with exceptional inventions. The award winner has set standards in his/her particular field of technology with his/her inventions. A technically significant invention or the enhancement of an existing product has resulted in business success, or an new approach has helped solve a social problem or improve living conditions. The award winner will have met one of these criteria.
Category 4

Lifetime Achievement

Inventors who have worked at Siemens for at least 15 years and have registered an impressive number of inventions during their careers for which a number of business-relevant patents have been issued are honored as driving forces of innovation at the company. After their long careers, the award winners can take pride in the fact that they have made a significant contribution to Siemens’ success as an innovative company.