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Fuel saving power management software for combustion engine and alternator power machinery

SIMOCRANE ECO Technology is a power management software for SIMOTION, based on the standard SINAMICS industry product portfolio. With Siemens' technology, the diesel generator runs in tune with the energy requirements of crane operation at optimum speed without any reduction in performance. Operation of the diesel generator with load-dependent speed control results in a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

The trend for fuel savings

Optimum speed and performance

With SIMOCRANE ECO Technology as the basis, Siemens has established the trend for fuel saving and emission reduction for cranes with diesel generators and therefore sets the standard today.

 Source of energy: reliable and low-cost

SIMOCRANE ECO Technology is designed for use on cranes and crane related vehicles like Straddle Carriers and Reach stackers which use a combustion engine and alternator to generate electrical energy for operating the motions and supplying the auxiliary power.


ECO controls the combustion engine speed-variable load-depending which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption in all operating modes. Together with the fuel saving the emission will reduce in comparable amounts.


Energy and cost saving


SIMOCRANE ECO Technology supports significant savings in actual fuel consumption of the crane. The ECO configuration with its specially developed energy management software is designed such that all demands are satisfied with regard to operating cranes with diesel generators. Through ECO Technology, energy flow within the system can be optimized.


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Flexible configurations

Siemens has bundled its expertise in a software package that utilizes the standard industrial drives platform SINAMICS and which can therefore be individually adapted to the situation and requirements of the crane.
The most important, reliable and low-cost source of future energy is energy saving. Depending on the configuration of the drive system, the crane type, plant layout and operating conditions, the new SIMOCRANE ECO Technology supports the optimization of fuel consumption.
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Typical applications

The product with its functionality is for both new, upgrade and modernization of cranes like RTG, Straddle carrier and mobile engine driven cranes but also for vehicles like AGV available. Applications to incorporate energy storages are possible. The core component of power management is an easily operated software package that can be integrated into SIMOCRANE Basic Technology.

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