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We are part of a company with more than 100 years of history. In Colombia we  design, manufacture, test and supply transformers from 3 kVA to 120 MVA up to S/230kV, for the Americas and worldwide.  Since 1999, SAT has also supplied transformers to North America Market according to ANSI/IEEE for many kinds of customers and applications with more than 24,000 MVA of capacity installed in this region.  We are constantly working with high level experts on research and new developments. Furthermore, we are always close to our customers – thanks to our global presence  and service network.  See for yourself, why our transformers make a difference!                                           

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Power Transformer

In our Industrial complex in Tenjo-Colombia, we design, produce and test according to IEEE/ANSI standars liquid immersed (Mineral or Natural/Sythetic ester) power transformers  up to 120MVA and 230kV.


The Power Transformers portfolio includes:

Single-phase, Three Phase transformers and Autotransformers for applications like  UAT (Unit Auxiliary Transformer) for combined cycle power plants, utilities with or without LTC, substation, captive, starting transformers for O&G industry with UL label.


Also Generation Step Up (GSU), mobile substations, Reactive compensation (SVC), reconnectable ("Dual Voltage”), collectors for renewables plants

Mobile Transformer

Enabling resilience: Mobile resilience transformers Mobile and fast.



Siemens mobile resiliency transformers take the role of fire extinguisher. Designed and manufactured to enable customers to swiftly respond to any kind of outage, these Siemens innovations merge three features that are crucial in the case of emergency: They are mobile, versatile, and rapidly installed.


Available acc to customers specification (tailor made solutions) Up to available  25  MVA  138kV  Cooling ONAN/ONAF or OFAF

Distribution Transformer

Every industry faces special challenges – just as your energy distribution places very special requirements on our solutions and systems. Discover solutions tailor-made for your industry.

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining 
  • Data Centers 
  • Chemicals 
  • Other Industries


Our demand for energy is growing worldwide. Yet our environmental awareness is growing at the same time, and we are setting ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, there is a growing demand for renewable energy sources, but without compromising the reliability and safety of the energy distribution.    Siemens offers a consistent, comprehensive portfolio of innovative energy distribution solutions from initial planning to commissioning and expert service, all from a single source.

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