Selecting the Six

What to expect from our application process

The application process of the CEO* Program is designed to give you ample opportunity to show us your best. We have cut the process down to 4 steps. This way, we find out, if you're a good match, and give you a good candidate experience.

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CV Screening

A careful review of your resume and supporting documents based on the criteria detailed in the qualification section above.

Each application is examined thoroughly and objectively. Feedback is generally provided within five business days.

1st round

A telephone interview (or on campus) to discuss your general experience, skills, and capabilities.

During this interview we will also ask you about your interest and motivation for the Siemens CEO* Program and your career goals. Additionally, you’ll be given the chance to ask any questions you may have.

2nd round

First personal interview with a Senior Business Manager (for example, a Country CEO).

Be prepared to answer questions about your work history and provide specific examples of your professional/project experiences. We want to get to know you better, both as a person and as a professional.

Final round

Final interview with a member of the Siemens top leadership team and the Head of the Siemens Excellence Programs.