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Challenges concerning building’s energy consumption

Many building owners are not aware of the amount of energy their
buildings consume and most buildings in the world consume much more
energy than necessary.

Worldwide energy consumption
  • 41%Buildings
  • 28%Mobility
  • 31%Industry

Leverage the value of transparency

The first step to unleashing a building’s full potential is to
achieve transparency of the current situation and making
use of all the data available nowadays.


energy supply and demand.
From single building to a global
network of buildings.

30%reduction in
energy costs
Increase building

Navigator powered by Synalytics

Use the potentials. Get most out of your buildings and infrastructure.

Comprehensive, insightful and intuitive, Advantage™ Navigator combines
analytics with Siemens expertise in energy supply, demand management
and performance-consolidating data across systems to deliver insights as broad
or as focused as your needs demand.

Analyze and optimize
  • > 3,000 users
  • > 400,000 data points


Improving building’s

  • 7,421buildings optimized
  • 10.5million tons less CO2 emitted
    into the atmosphere each year
  • 2 billioneuros energy cost savings
  • >35,000buildings serviced
Continuous data analysis
Five phases lead towards
energy-efficient, sustainable and
high-performance buildings
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Program Implementation
  • Ongoing Services & Optimization
  • Strategy & Planning
Data transparency
Used to meet the challenges and
gain competitiveness
  • Cost reduction
  • Performance increase
  • Sustainability
  • Asset value increase