GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers

Environmentally friendly dry-type transformers

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    LV terminals: normal arrangement: top, rear; Special version: bottom, available on request at extra charge

    HV connection tubes with terminals

    Insulation: Mixture of epoxy resin and quartz powder: makes the transformer practically maintenance-free, moisture-proof, suitable for the tropics, flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.

    HV tappings (on the HV terminal side): for adjustment to the particular network conditions, reconnectable in deenergized state

    Clamping frame and truck: Rollers can be turned around for lengthwise or sidewise travel

    Three-limb core: made of grain-oriented, low-loss core-laminations, insulated on both sides

    LV winding: made of aluminum strip; turns bonded with short-circuit-proof insulating sheet (Prepreg)

    HV winding: consisting of vacuum-potted single foil-type aluminum coils

    Output range from 50kVA up to 50 MVA

    Operating voltages up to 52 kV

    Customized solutions for
    individual requirements