SGT6-9000HL heavy-duty gas turbine (60Hz)

Pushing efficiency and performance to the next level

    drag to rotate

    Proven single tie bolt rotor. Rotor air cooler allows proven steel disc design

    Hydraulic Clearance Optimization (HCO) - reduced degradation and clearance losses

    Advanced combustion system for high efficiency (ACE) with dual fuel capabilities

    12-stage, third generation harmonized compressor, evolutionary 3D blading

    Innovative multi-layer coating for blades and vanes for better blade robustness

    Super-efficient internal cooling features for blades and vanes

    Large free-standing turbine blade 4 for higher power output

    4-stage turbine: high cycling capability through fully internal air-cooling

    Simple cycle output (ISO) 405 MW(e)

    Combined cycle efficiency: > 63%

    Derived from proven
    Siemens H-class technology