Driving the
quality of life
Sustaining the
Developing local
jobs and skills

Driving the economy

  • +%

    of industrial plants in Oman equipped with Siemens technology
  • million Rials

    direct and indirect Gross Value Addition
  • %

    of 3rd party purchases from more than

    local companies

Value-adding innovation

  • %

    of Oman’s digital wellheads connected
  • of daily drinking water supply supported by our innovative drive solutions
  • + million

    running hours monitored by remote digital solutions, driving the digitalization of the oil and gas industry

Improving quality of life

  • +%

    of Oman’s electricity to meet the needs of

    + million

  • +%

    of Oman’s hospitals functioning with Siemens building automation
  • water pumping stations supported to transport the equivalent of

    Olympic swimming pools of drinking water every day

Developing local jobs and skills

  • jobs created in Oman
  • x

    more employees within the last 10 years
  • +

    hours of employee and customer training provided

Sustaining the environment

  • of daily water treatment enabled by our power technology
  • +%

    of Oman’s industrial emissions analysed and monitored
  • Enabling wastewater treatment at

    industrial hubs

Supporting transformation

  • +%

    of key components for Oman’s newest refining and petrochemical investments
  • Omani manufacturing partners and system integrators enabled
  • electrical panels locally produced with Siemens support