Driving the
quality of life
Sustaining the
Developing local
jobs and skills

Driving the economy

  • combined-cycle power plants, Barka III, Sohar II and SUR IPP, are powered by Siemens technologies and represent


    of Oman’s power capacity
  • Siemens is one of the

    largest income tax payers
  • %

    of local purchasing volume allocated to

    Omani companies

Value-adding innovation

  • %

    of the wellheads connected via our digital solutions
  • %

    of Oman’s daily water supply delivery enabled by our technology

Improving quality of life

  • %

    of the power generated in Oman is distributed and transmitted through Siemens technologies, ensuring that

    . million

    Oman's residents have access to reliable electricity

Developing local jobs and skills

  • %

    of our employees are Omanis
  • Energy Experiment Boxes donated to

    primary schools across the Sultanate, helping

    school children per year

Sustaining the environment

  • %

    of Oman’s gas chromatographs provided by Siemens
  • industrial zones in Oman treat industrial wastewater using Siemens technologies

Supporting transformation

  • man-hours of training provided annually through partnerships with

    local companies