Since the PROFIBUS and PROFINET are open standards, it is possible for any manufacturer to build and sell its device. To ensure that end-user receives the quality of product he needs, there is operated conformance testing by the PI. Many end-users prefer certified products in their plants. Moreover, most of certificates are mandatory, see PI web pages.

an testlabs is authorized to perform certification tests:


After the certification test the device cannot be modified, therefore this test has to be performed at the end of development phase of the device.

Since PROFINET Controllers and PROFIBUS Masters usually use its engineering software and user interface, there is more need of customer involvement in the tests.

PROFINET Device test usually takes 3 – 5 days depending on supported features. PROFINET Controller test takes approximately 5 days. PROFIBUS Slave tests, mostly manual, take 6 – 8 days depending on supported features.

Additional Tests

Some tests and test-tools require expert knowledge to interpret the results. To ensure smooth passing of certification tests we offer possibility to order pre-certification tests in the development phase of the device. Certain pre-certification tests can be performed by our engineers inhouse.

For entirely new design of the device we offer a short 1-day pre-test, that verifies basic functionalities and readiness to go through full test of the device.

Based on a PROFINET conformance test, also only Security Level 1 (NetLoad) test or individual partial test package can be offered.

After a pre-test is completed, we provide a list of detected problems with references to the PROFINET specification.