SIPLUS HCS – I/O systems for industrial heating processes

SIPLUS HCS delivers precise heat

Heat plays a key role in many industrial processes, and keeping it at a precise and reliable level is often essential for high product quality. With SIPLUS HCS, your heating elements are always at the right temperature. This smart family of heating control systems reduces overall costs for commissioning, operation, and maintenance by up to 70 percent compared to a solution with individual components. Thanks to integrated diagnostics and reproducibility, you benefit from an improved heating process – and higher product quality.

Heat under control - SIPLUS HCS – I/O systems for industrial heating applications



The compact solution

For controlling 400 V heating elements. Can be used as a distributed solution with IP65 protection nearby the heating elements. Ideal for the linear configuration of heater fields.


The flexible solution

For controlling 45, 70, 110, 230/277, and 400/480 V heating elements up to 20 A. Exceptionally compact and cost-optimized heating solution with different output modules, peripheral modules, and racks.


The powerful solution

For controlling 400 V/480 V heating elements with up to 7,680 W per output. High production reliability thanks to comprehensive, detailed, and integrated diagnostics.

System overview

SIPLUS HCS at a glance

SIPLUS HCS is the intelligent answer to sensitive thermal requirements in the industry. With these heating control systems, you can easily integrate your heating processes into your industrial automation – and control electrical heating elements such as infrared, quartz, and flash heaters exactly as needed.

The perfect solution for any application

Depending on the requirements of the heating process – for example, the output power of the heating elements, diagnostic depth, and the degree of protection – you can choose from three different heating control systems: the compact SIPLUS HCS3200, the flexible SIPLUS HC4200, or the powerful SIPLUS HCS4300. You determine the capacity. Our heating systems can be modularly expanded and flexibly adapted to meet specific requirements. Our systems can also be combined, to ensure that you always have the right solution.

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Industrial heating processes can be easily integrated into the automation with the I/O system HCS and TIA Portal

With SIPLUS HCS temperatures can be precisely controlled. The system save a lot of space in the control cabinet and can be wired without a lot of work.

HCS system characteristics – integrated added value

Temperaturen exakt steuern mit SIPLUS HCS

Mr. Automation shows you how easily industrial heating processes can be integrated - with the engineering framework TIA Portal and the SIPLUS HCS block library.

A wide range of intelligent diagnostic options include of course.


One system – many applications

These days, there’s hardly any industrially manufactured product that doesn’t undergo thermal treatment during the production process. SIPLUS HCS is the ideal solution for many thermal applications. Experience for yourself the versatility of SIPLUS HCS.

For product quality when molding plastics

For thermoforming, the heating control system must ensure that the same forming temperature is maintained at all times. SIPLUS HCS also controls high-speed flash heaters with percentage accuracy. This ensures an economical forming process and shorter production times. The integrated diagnostic functions guarantee maximum availability of the thermoforming machines.

For maximum brilliance and color consistency

When drying paint, heating systems must maintain the target temperature reliably and precisely while controlling the heaters. SIPLUS HCS enables maximum brilliance and color consistency as well as high energy efficiency. The diagnostic functions detect faults immediately – for example, a defective heater is precisely located. Thanks to Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), plant operators can decide whether the adjacent heater can compensate for the defect or whether the drying process is at risk.

For maximum-precision welding points in thermal joining

Plastic components are joined in a process similar to riveting. Heated temperature-controlled mandrels have to compress the so-called domes (similar to a rivet) thermoplastically as precisely as possible. Thanks to channel-specific feedback from their diagnostics modules, SIPLUS HCS ensure maximum precision during thermal riveting and enable exact temperature monitoring for optimal results.

For maximum through put and high quality

PET bottles have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Their wide range of uses and the high production capacity come with strict quality requirements in terms of material properties and visual quality. SIPLUS HCS ensure maximum productivity and quality in PET blow molding. In addition, the quick and easy detection and locating of faults reduces response times to a minimum.

Cooking without a loss of nutrients

Foods cooked with infrared radiation retain their nutritional value. The oil-free processing can also help reduce production costs and improve environmental conditions. With SIPLUS HCS, the radiation intensity of the infrared heaters can be controlled with the highest precision – in conformity with the strict specifications of the food and beverage industry.


Precision in practice

The intelligent SIPLUS HCS have been responsible for the highest precision in thermal processes for more than 30 years. Discover for yourself how SIPLUS HCS brings electrical heating elements to the right temperature worldwide.
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