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Reliable, sustainable and customized solutions

Securing and synchronizing currently more than 80 GW of electricity production

Unrivalled technology - Made in Germany

0 MW

Power range

up to 100 kA short-circuit rating and 12.500 A nominal current, answering most generator assets protection and grid synchronization requirements

0 years

Experience in vacuum technology

Reliable and durable solution together with a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions


Vacuum generator breakers

are in use in 57 countries
for retrofit and new power plant projects 

Product information

When reliability meets sustainability

Generator Circuit-Breakers (GCB) are key components to improve the reliability and protection of your paramount power unit equipment such as generators and step-up transformers. Their installation leads to higher power plant selectivity, increased availability, together with simplification of the operational procedures and a reduction of the overall costs. With Siemens, your retrofit and new power plant projects will be supported by one of the most experienced partner in Generator Circuit-Breaker solution. Dedicated to deliver durable and reliable solution, Siemens has been systematically advancing generator switchgear with vacuum switching technology providing our customer with proven SF6- and maintenance-free vacuum technology.
Customer Event

Expert Talks 2.0 in Berlin (2019, March 28-29): Unique experience in networking and knowledge-sharing!

Video Expert Talks 2.0

This video is an overview of the  GBS Expert Talks 2.0 for generator switching applications, with focus on vacuum technology and dealing with decentralized power generation. This year´s event is the second of this kind addressing experts of operating and engineering companies as well as design institutes and consultants. With 80 participants, we have doubled the audience compared to last year ! Upcoming our customers´ interviews.


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Benefit from increased eco-transparency

EcoTransparency for eco-friendlier energy. With EcoTransparency, Siemens provides full transparency in power grid products, systems, and solutions. Innovative “blue” products, compliance with environmental standards, and documentation of environmental performance help you protect the climate.

Sustainable and reliable

All our generator switchgear portfolio is equipped with vacuum circuit-breaker, the proven and reliable Siemens switching technology with no gas-handling! The air insulated, metal-encapsulated design consists of materials that are completely recyclable. 


Siemens HB3 is the world’s first and only vacuum generator circuit-breaker for power plant applications above 150 MW. It benefits from an unrivalled technology to optimize / reduce the carbon footprint and the operational expenditure of your power plant. 

The proven HB3 solution belongs to the “blue”-portfolio of Siemens for energy and environment protection.


Our solutions tailored to customer requirements

We are systematically further developing our extensive portfolio of high-current and generator switchgear in the range up to 400 MW in order to meet your application needs and ever new market requirements at all times. Explore some of our success stories.


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