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The "an testlabs" has 18 years of experience in testing of PROFINET equipment. We have gradually extended the test-scope and we are working on the automatization to be most effective. We are now moving towards extension with PROFINET PA and PROFINET over TSN. At the same time, we are deepening the know-how of our team.

In addition to the certification, we also offer trainings, workshops, and other services. If you are looking for anything, what is not described on these pages, please, contact us directly!


Siemens, s.r.o,

an testlabs, Accredited PI Test Laboratory

Address: Siemensova 1, 155 00 Prague 13, Czech Republic

GPS: 50.047825, 14.30689

Phone: +420 702 211 737

Email: antestlabs.cz@siemens.com

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