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We are ready to help you with any request you may have during development of a PROFINET device.
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an testlabs is authorized to perform certification tests of:

an testlabs is ready to offer a PROFINET training lessons to build know-how of development personnel.

PROFINET Pre-tests

  • Some tests and test-tools require expert knowledge to interpret the results. To ensure smooth passing of certification tests there is possibility to order pre-certification tests in the development phase of the device.
  • Certain pre-certification tests can be performed by our engineers in-house.
  • Based on a PROFINET conformance test, also an individual partial test package can be offered.
  • After a pre-test is completed, we provide a list of detected problems with references to the PROFINET specification.

Analyses of PROFINET networks

In addition to training provided according to demand from customer we offer also traffic analysis for solution of problems in your PROFINET networks.

DRIVE-CliQ Support Center

The DQSC provides technical support, software development, testing and certification of DQ100 based encoders with the DRIVE-CLiQ interface. It helps encoder manufacturers go through the entire development process step by step, from signing a cooperation agreement to issuing a certificate after successfully passing the conformance test.

IO-Link Competence Center

The IOL-CC is center of technical expertise. We offer technical support to anyone who needs it and play an essential role in supporting first-time developers of IO-Link devices and systems.

Simulation Competence Center

Our CoC of Simulation offers simulation services in terms of simulations tasks, providing of trainings, consulting and mentoring. CAE simulations are mainly performed with the using of extensible environment Simcenter 3D. It allows to predict static structural states, dynamic behavior (NVH), heat transfer and fluid dynamics, design optimization and fatigue.
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