How to get Certificate

The procedure is simple!
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How the certification process is organized?

  • Specify the features, which you want to certify.
  • Give us the date you prefer...
  • Send us the e-mail with your inquiry or use the prepared form on this site.
  • We will agree the test date together and you receive a quotation for the tests.
  • Device to test and application for the tests must be delivered before the tests start.
  • Personal participation is not necessary, but it is allowed.
  • When all the test passed (usually 3-5 days), you will receive the test report.
  • In case of any problem, we will give you feedback. When it is removed, tests will continue or will be repeated in case of bigger findings.
  • With the positive test report you will apply for the certificate at PI Certification Office (PICO).
  • Important note: The price of certificate is independent from the price of the certification tests, it is paid directly to the PICO.


Application forms for the certificates are available at the PI pages.


In case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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If something is not clear, you can contact us directly in any of step of the certification process!