INTHOUSE is an all-in-one system solution for controlling and managing Siemens PLCs. From deploying a visualization with your own design and content to faster and more reliable product commisioning, INTHOUSE is the ideal choice for enhancing your product.

Do you produce heating equipment and are you looking for a modern and ergonomic interface for your customers?

The OEM oriented system INTHOUSE offers you the possibility to extend your control solution with mobile smart technologies for simple operation and efficient monitoring. INTHOUSE helps you create your own unique and optimized application that fits your device, all without programming knowledge. You won’t need to worry about compatibility with newly developed smart phone systems. Compatibility is guaranteed with all new Android and iOS systems within the whole lifecycle of the mobile application.

Would you like to unify local and remote operation?

The mobile application developed with the INTHOUSE tools can be also used in touch panels (HMI – Human Machine Interface) mounted locally in your product. It helps unify the style and the form of local and remote control and enables your customers to use different control interfaces in the same way. The mobile application for the touch panel can be exactly the same as for smartphones or as different as you need.

Is security important to you?

Security is a top priority for the whole INTHOUSE solution, and especially in the case of remote access. Connection infrastructure is based on CLOUD technology with the highest industrial safety standards. Another important pillar is easy connectivity to the controlled unit. As a result plants will be operated safely and you don’t need to take care about physical connections or network settings. Such connection is user-friendly and easy to establish without any IT knowledge. Moreover, INTHOUSE tools help you automate all processes during the manufacturing/commisioning phase.

System optimized for manufacturers