Siemens Electric Machines Drásov

At Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o. (ltd.) in Drásov, Czechia, we specialize in the development, production and sale of synchronous generators up to 25 MVA as well as synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 20MW.

About Us

The Drásov plant is located only 21 kilometers (13 miles) from Brno and has been in business for more than a century. We have been part of the Siemens Group for almost three decades. Our 800+ employees design and manufacture an average of 200 machines per year, most of which are exported to Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The Latest News from Our Drásov Plant

Celebrating 25 Years Under the Siemens Brand

In autumn 1994, Siemens signed a purchase agreement with the National Property Fund in Prague for three MEZ electrical engineering plants in Mohelnice, Drásov and Frenštát for 1.3 billion CZK. At the time, the Drásov plant mainly manufactured induction motors. Today, we employ 800+ people and have expanded our production to synchronous generators, motors and components.

Large Drives Product Line on Display at the Mini Fair in Drásov

The Sigentics M, our latest generator, was exhibited alongside other products from the Large Drives division in the production halls of our plant. Customers from around the world were also able to see the new Simotics HV M, Simotics HV C and Sidrive IQ in action. The opening speech was made by Heinrich Jurtan, our CEO.


Key Takeaways from the Mini Fair


It makes us proud to be able to display our innovative product portfolio to valued international customers. We don’t consider product digitization and innovation empty phrases here in Drásov – on the other hand, we create a space where customers get a vivid experience of the interconnectedness of technology. It’s an honor to show you what we’ve been working on throughout the division in recent years – and we hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

Our Projects