Social responsibility

We believe, in GBS CZ, that companies should act responsibly and actively engage in social affairs. Check our charity events!

Here in GBS CZ, we share the belief that companies should act responsibly and actively engage in social affairs. You can, therefore, come across a large number of charity events that are organized each year.


During Volunteering day, you will be able to exchange your office work for work with children, senior citizens or animals – it is entirely up to you. All you need to do is to choose an organization, register and go help them. The volunteering day, of course, takes place during the working hours.


Some events even take place directly in the Siemens centers. In spring and autumn, we organize “charity fairs” where you can buy clothes, various pieces of art or even something to eat and thereby financially support selected charitable organizations. As you probably know, we have two adoptive sons in Africa!


During the Christmas period, our employees traditionally prepare gifts for senior citizens. Furthermore, we organize blood collections and we try to comply with any organization that approaches us – last time, within Run and Help project during our Summer grill party, we were able to raise the necessary sum of money needed for Little Petr's rehabilitation.

Do you have your own idea where or how we could help? Share it with us! The majority of ideas for the events mentioned above come from our active employees, of which we very proud and it is an honour to support them.


Special thanks belong to Daniela Němcová, Alice Trubenová, Eva Holubová, Marie Janáčková and Taťána Nohelová.