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With the threatening increase of COVID-19 spread, our daily schedules, living routines and working behaviors have dramatically changed. We are here for you to provide seamless support to ensure continuous operation. Our global Service Operation Headquarters in Germany together with our local setup in the regions are prepared to further provide our services to you. Siemens is known for high class services and setting benchmarks in digitalization. We all face tremendous changes and challenges during these times, but we can assure you one thing that will not change – high class services provided by us Siemens to you our customers each day and every day.


Our service experts are available 24/7 to support your requests:

Headquarter Germany:   +49 911 895 7222

Hub Americas: +1 800 333 7421

Hub Asia: +86 (0)21 5848 5775 (for converters)
                  +86 (0)22 2390 1999 (for motors)


Convincing value-adds

Operational challenges? Get remote support by one of our experts!

Our help-desk provides you remote support and quick answers to your questions. As needed we involve

our experts remotely via phone or video conference to guide your experts on site.

We offer a wide range of different remote support solutions. Our experts are specially trained to guide and

support you also remotely. If a verbal support is not sufficient, we can also establish video livechat to

guide you through your challenges.

In case your assets are already digitally enabled with SIDRIVE IQ we can supply our SIDRIVE IQ based services and ensure professional support via expert assistance or expert diagnostics based service agreements.

If your assets are not digitally enabled yet – please consider the benefits of digitalization for future. Not only in challenging times, during which people cannot travel or do not have easy access to the assets, we face high customer benefits in monitoring and managing your assets from remote.

Your warehouse team has to work and operate form home office? Our own experts are facing the same situation.

Let us use the commute time we are saving with remote working to collaborate remotely and perform asset


With our Asset Optimization Services, we provide a professional screening and health check of your spare parts and repair parts stored in your warehouses. We provide a comprehensive analysis of parts that are critical to maintain and how to effectively monitor storage conditions.

In case needed we can provide quick offer solutions to ensure proper spare parts management.

Send us the operational data of your assets or provide us a direct link into your assets via SIDRIVE IQ based services. To ensure safe plant operation we will provide a quick health check with a recommended follow up options on how to maintain your operation and areas to focus on to avoid unplanned downtimes.