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Replace your mechanical equipment by electric drive trains – for low OPEX, increased availability and high efficiency.
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New Opportunities

Are you ready to tackle the status quo?

It’s time to think about alternative ways to modernize old or conventional turbine trains. Constant growth, higher revenue, economic success – anyone who wants to stay one step ahead must plan in advance. Even when it comes to replacing turbine drives. Time-honored solutions quickly reach their limits when attempting to fully meet challenges like stricter emission regulations, the demand for higher process availability, and the need for reduced OPEX costs.

Boost your oil and gas business by seizing new opportunities

Electric drive train solution

Rethink! “E” is coming.

To meet all these challenges, we’ve developed our “E” solution for driving your processing machines. Simply by replacing your gas or steam turbine with our electric drive train for the oil and gas industry, you can achieve more of your business goals.

Emissions abolished. Efficiency increased. Turbine replaced.

By replacing your gas turbine drive with our electric drive train, you cut your drive-related CO₂ and NOx emissions to zero, because the completely combustion-free electric-powered drive train generates no emissions whatsoever on-site.

You’ll also profit from significantly higher efficiency. The entire electric drive train has an efficiency rate of up to 96 percent and therefore consumes far less energy than a turbine. Unlike turbines, changing ambient conditions like temperature in no way impair these two factors. Optimized start and stop conditions also allow for fast stops and immediate restarts with run-up time of a few minutes. And the economical speed range can be extended from 25 to 120 percent of load. This means that the electric drive enables you to operate in all possible areas.

OPEX reduced. Uptime increased. Turbine replaced.

Drive Train Analytics are data acquisition, processing and visualization tools for monitoring of health condition and operational efficiency of drive systems (drives, motors, gear units). The main elements are hardware installation and commissioning of a suitable measurement solution for continuous data collection and connection with the cloud platform, as well as automated data processing, analysis and visualization to support condition monitoring, operations and maintenance planning.

Drive Train Analytics can optionally be leveraged by Digital Drive Train Services, such as the evaluation and interpretation of the recorded operational and historical data by a SIEMENS expert. The comprehensive service portfolio for Large Drives thus comprises a wide range of lifecycle, data-based and value-added services for electrical motors and converters throughout the entire product lifecycle.

You’ll also increase your production uptime. Due to Drive Train Analytics (DTA) and visual inspections during operation, it’s possible to operate for up to four or even five years with no shutdowns. And the electric drive train has an availability of up to 99.9 percent.

Drive Train Analytics and Digital Drive Train Services enable the reduction of non-scheduled production downtimes, acceleration of troubleshooting and issue resolution and improvement of availability-centered maintenance and operation. This means, in your terms and practical business operations, for example: 

  • shorter downtimes due to early detection of abnormal situations and trends by yourself and/or the Siemens service expert
  • improved and faster root cause analysis in case of an incident due to immediate access to all data for you as well as the Siemens service expert anytime, anywhere
  • optimized planning and execution of maintenance activities due to up-to-date asset health status as well as aggregated and historical KPIs, events and measurements 

Everything from a single source

Would you like to replace your turbine with an electric drive train? You can rely on Siemens. We’ll provide everything from a single source – from an initial ROI calculation to the feasibility study to project execution; and from providing all components to installation, assembly and commissioning, including documentation and service by our electrical engineering experts. We’ll also be happy to train your personnel.

With Siemens, you benefit from a single point of contact throughout all phases of the project. If you would like your engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor to handle the planning, we’ll be happy to work with you and the EPC to coordinate the individual work packages, interfaces, workflow and timing and to define the areas of responsibility.

Whitepaper “Turbine replacement solution”

Whitepaper “Turbine replacement solution”

Facts and figures

Recalculate! Outstanding facts about “E”.

Nothing is more persuasive than figures. See for yourself. The electric drive train from Siemens for the oil and gas industry pays off in every respect – from emissions, energy consumption and reliability to reduced costs and maintenance-related downtime. 
Discover a solution that electrifies your business with rapid success:

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Online calculator

Reanalyze! Do the basic math.

See for yourself if replacing your gas turbine with an electric drive train could be a solution for you. Please note that, due to the intricacies of steam production, the consideration of steam engines is too complex for this calculator to provide a nuanced result. We would be happy, however, to provide you with an individual assessment for the replacement of both gas and steam turbines. In a detailed study, we’ll consider parameters like the start and stop process, availability, different operation points, price trends for gas and electricity, and detailed maintenance plans. Please contact us if you’re interested in a detailed comparison that includes a preliminary electric drive train design for your application/site.

Reconsider! Join the pioneers.

The future is now. The electrification of the oil and gas industry has begun. From refineries and compressor stations to chemical plants, electric drive trains from Siemens are already being used successfully in plants all over the world, resulting in many satisfied customers. You’ll also get your equipment ready for the future and secure your competitiveness.

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Parameters like ambient conditions, load, power and operating hours vary from one project to the next and can influence the calculation. The configurations of the turbines to be replaced and the specific electric drive trains required also affect the calculation examples. We would be happy to take a look at your specific drive situation and prepare an individual calculation for you.

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