IoT Week - 17 - 21 June, 2019

Meet Siemens experts and get their bid on the future of technology and the impact that IoT will have on our businesses, society and life.
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Siemens and Grundfos share algorithms and a digital platform at a Danish abattoir

In a new collaboration, Siemens and Grundfos have opened and combined data, algorithms and IP-leases in a pump driven by Siemens motors in Denmark’s largest abattoir, Danish Crown in Horsens. The data from Grundfos’ pump and Siemens’ motor are collected in Siemens’ open IoT-platform Mindsphere, where algorithms work together to determine the best decision when a component is behaving differently.


A solution that makes Danish Crown better at predicting errors and reduce downtime in the pumping stations.

Program for IoT Week - Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Experience Siemens solutions for the future industry

At IoT Week we present our focus on digitalization and future industry. How does the digital transformation impact on our business today and future business models? How can you implement Industrial Security and protect your production? What can MindSphere, Siemens open cloud-based Industrial IoT platform do for your business? And how do you easily start using MindSphere?

The (R)Evolution of Digital Business Models in Industry with MindSphere

Ralf-Michael Wagner, Chief Operation Officer for MindSphere, Siemens AG

Session: Is Industry finally starting to benefit from Digital Transformation? in

Store Sal, 9.00-9.45


Digitalization is disrupting consumer businesses, we experience this in our daily lives. As digital technologies got more mature also industrial companies starting to take advantage to create new unique selling points. In many cases this starts with increasing efficiency, flexibility, quality and speed.


Recently we also see more business model innovation leveraging digitalization in the industrial space. IoT and Analytics is often the entry point for the digital transformation process. MindSphere the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens can be the enabler to get started.

Take a journey toward Blockchain and explore how data are recorded, encrypted and published from the potato seeding up to the market shelf.

Piero Orlando, Thought Leader - Siemens Digital Enterprise

Session: Future Manufacturing and Industry in Lille Sal, 9.45 - 10.45 


Take the first step toward digitalization right now and create a lasting competitive edge for your company with the scalable solutions from Siemens.

  • What information would you like to retrieve when you have a potato chips package in your hands before buying it? 
  • How can you rest assured there is no possible contamination by unauthorized products?
  • How is it possible to guarantee and certify the whole supply chain?

The Digital Transformations Impact on our Business today and Future Business Models 

Bjarne Lykke Sørensen, Managing Director, Siemens Digital Industries

Session: The Digital Transformations Impact on our Business today and Future Business Models in Lille Sal, 14.15 – 15.30, Panel discussion


With technologies such as the Digital Twin, Virtual Commissioning and cloud solutions the ongoing digitalization will change, if not revolutionize a range of industrial business models in near future. We will see a growing market within data driven services, we will see how accumulated data worldwide can lead to new business development, leasing instead of sales etc.


Some companies have already started the digital transformation process and will gain massively on this, especially if the competitors are too slow to follow.  As a supplier of such technologies, we have at Siemens great insight and experience from global as well as Danish production companies, and we have no doubt that Danish industrial companies are facing a challenging future.

The Digital Cultural Transformation

Jakob Hall, Business Consultant, Siemens MindSphere

Session: Future Manufacturing and Industry, 11.15 - 12-30 in Lille Sal


Industrial Digital Transformation is highly complex, and industrial enterprises are trying to simplify their digital transformation letting the various departments experiment with the new technologies and address areas with fast ROI.


The enterprises are hereby exposing them for a high risk of creating new data/information silos, contradicting the ambition for creating digital networks within the supply chains and value chains. These networks are needed to drive the Industrial Digital Cultural Transformation, supporting scale of expertise, and supporting a collaborative, creative and innovative environments.


Targeting: Everyone with interest in how industrial enterprise wide digital transformation strategies can support the cultural transformation.

What is Industrial Security and how to implement it? 

Lars-Peter Hansen, Technology Specialist Manager, Siemens Digital Industries

Session: IoT Risk Assessment, in Filuren, 16-17.30


The digitization of the Danish industry is in progress, however a strong focus on security is critical.

  • How do you get started with an industrial security concept?
  • How do you secure your investments and your production?
  • What security level is appropriate?

The all-encompassing industrial security standard ISA99 / IEC62443 is a great starting point. Get an introduction to this standard, which can be used as the basis for a holistic approach to the topic Industrial security. This presentation is aimed at people who are involved in the planning, design or management of OT, industrial IT or automation systems. 

Siemens MindSphere Partner Program  

Mark Hammarstedt, Chef for Siemens MindSphere Partner Program i Norden

Workshop in room 224, 12.00-12.30


The MindSphere Partner Program provides your company with the support and tools you need to serve your customers, unlock new markets, and realize new business opportunities.


As a MindSphere partner, you are part of an ecosystem delivering innovation and efficiency to the growing IoT market with your new applications and digital services. Do you want to know more?


Targeting IT and consultancy companies as well as internal developers within end customers.

Standard cloud solution for Industry, Siemens MindSphere 

Morten Kromann og Marianne HjortlundTechnology Specialists, Siemens Digital Industries

Workshop in room 224, 11.15-12.00


With the clear focus on Industrial IoT targeting participants interested in system architecture - using Siemens cloud solution, MindSphere: 


  • Which problems does a Siemens cloud solution solve? 
  • Explanation of the building of data structure: How does the ecosystem works – the dataflow between component supplier, integrator, and end user? 
  • Standard cloud solution vs development of your own cloud solution.
  • Live demo examples of how easy an app can be created 

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