We are Siemens in Germany

We’ve developed a world-record breaking power plant that saves 2.5 million tons of CO₂ every year, created wind farms in the middle of the ocean and built a plane engine that’s powered by electricity. Can you help us create what’s next?
About us

We’re building the technologies of tomorrow

Germany is where Siemens first began in 1847. Almost 170 years later, we’re creating innovative solutions through electrification, automation and digitalization to help our country where it matters the most.

With over 113,000 people spread across the country it remains one of the largest markets within Siemens and makes us one of the largest employers in Germany. With our HQ in Munich and offices and factories in all major German cities, we’re ideally located to lead some of the country’s most challenging projects. We’re helping world-renowned car manufacturers cut production costs and produce new models quicker, creating high-speed trains for Deutsche Bahn, like the award-winning ICE 4, and we’re looking forward to producing parts for a new generation of wind turbines in Cuxhaven. It’s a project that will continue to support wind energy and the local community.

If you’re excited by future technologies, have a passion for digitalization or want to help us to make real what matters, let’s chat.


Change more than just your career

Looking for a new challenge in a field that matters? There are so many opportunities available. From making sustainable energy more economical to building intelligent infrastructures that change the cities we live in. View our open roles or join one of our entry or professional programs.  
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We’re creating groundbreaking technologies from smart factories and smart grid concepts to flexible manufacturing systems that use lightweight robots and 3D printers. Find out how you can be a part of what’s to come.