Your Siemens journey starts now

You're now part of a team of more than 377.000 talented people based all around the world. No doubt you're keen to find out more about us. Start by taking a look at the video here – it will give you a good idea of who we are and what drives us.
A message from the Head of HR

Be yourself, stand up for what you believe in and always keep growing

You have been chosen by your new manager and Siemens because you have shown that you have that little extra – just like every employee at Siemens. A sustainable future is built on a foundation of bright minds and people, who are willing to grow and challenge the status quo.
Lotte Odgaard, Head of HR

I encourage you to bring the passion you showed during the interviews, your great skills, and your comprehensive knowhow with you, and to give it your best together with your new colleagues.


At Siemens, we know that your success and the success of our company are ensured when you have the job that is right for you - the job that maximizes your strengths and where you can grow.


No one knows your strengths, development goals, and professional ambitions better than you. I encourage you to continuously explore and expand your potential to the full extent possible.


We believe that having employees that care and that want to make a difference – they have the potential to succeed. That is why we believe in giving you the power to make a difference here at Siemens. We encourage you to keep asking questions and keep on growing your skills. In the end – you and your colleagues are the people that can make the future more sustainable and create a better tomorrow. 


Let us continue your Siemens journey by meeting some of your new colleagues. 


Take a look at Siemens from the inside

Meet Siemens

Your first day

Let's get to work!

The first time in a new job is always exciting. Have a look at the timeline to see what you can expect from your first day. We are happy to have you on board and will do our best to make your time a great experience.
Our Danish presence

Where you fit in

On your first day, you will get to know your workplace. Did you know we have locations in Copenhagen, Århus and Vejle?

Siemens was established in Denmark in 1893. Before then, we had already delivered products and solutions to the Danish market, including the first power plant in Copenhagen, which was the largest in Denmark at that time.

  • More than 4 billion DKK in renenue
  • More than 700 employees in Denmark
  • In Denmark since 1893
Our Nordic presence

We have offices all over the Nordics

Siemens covers the entire Nordics, with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Have a look at where we are located in the Nordics:

  • More than 4 000 employees in Sweden
  • More than 1 400 employees in Norway
  • More than 750 employees in Finland
  • In total, more than 7 100 employees in the Nordics 

Impressions of selected businesses


We combine the real and the digital worlds

Now that you know our history, let's have a look into the future.
Digitalization is transforming the backbone of our economies: Industry, infrastructure, mobility, and healthcare. This transformation is key to business success and for shaping a sustainable future. With our technologies, we’re helping our customers to accelerate their own digital transformation, to reinvent their companies and industries, to become more sustainable.
Dr. Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG

Our four strategic priorities

The world is changing. Megatrends such as climate change, glocalization, digitalization, demographic change and urbanization are challenging us, and we need to adapt to meet the needs of our customers and markets. To achieve this goal, we will focus on four strategic priorities. They are our roadmap for long-term sustainable success.

A lived ownership culture

A company owes its existence and success to the fact that its employees identify with it, trust it and commit themselves to its positive development. That's why we at Siemens live and foster an ownership culture – a culture that encourages every individual in our company to give his or her best and take personal responsibility for the success of our company.
Learning and development

From Intern to Student Worker to Graduate

Shaping the future is all about conquering the present. In Siemens, we have a wide range of tools to support you in your personal and professional growth. Your development matters to us, and we encourage you to take ownership of your career and to continuously explore and expand your potential to the full extent possible.

In September 2015, Emma Murel Vilstrup started working as an intern in Siemens' Power and Gas division. Since her internship, she has been employed as a Student Worker in Building Technologies. As a Student Worker in Siemens, Emma feels privileged about the versatile tasks that her job offers, and the freedom of responsibility which she characterizes her work life by.

You get the amount of responsibility that you decide to take on. Everyone is heard, and even though I was only a Student Worker, my opinion counted equal to everyone else.
Emma Murel Vilstrup, Graduate, Siemens A/S

When she finished her studies, Emma was offered, and accepted, a Graduate position in Siemens. In Siemens, our employees' development is one of the greatest assets for our future success. This is why development and career opportunities are a great part of our everyday agenda.

Employee benefits

Extra perks

Apart from opportunities for growth, we also offer you a wide range of employee benefits. This includes special discounts, a pension & insurance scheme, participation in the Siemens Share Matching Plan and the opportunity to engage in a wide range of internal clubs and associations.


We have a wide range of favorable discount agreements with both internal and external suppliers. You can get discounts items and services ranging from personal car leasing to home appliances, bicycles, glasses, and much more.


Pension & insurance scheme

You are covered by an insurance and pension scheme. For details, have a look at your contract. You will pay a mandatory fixed percentage of your gross pay to your pension each month, and Siemens will contribute with twice that amount.


Share Matching Plan

Siemens offers the Share Matching Plan to make the purchase of Siemens AG shares more attractive for all permanent employees. The program matches every three shares an employee buys through the program with one additional share, after a period of three years.


Clubs and associations

You have plenty of opportunities for connecting with your new colleagues outside work. Employees in Siemens in Denmark get together in different social clubs and associations, focusing on anything from sports to wine and fine dining.


Helping you with practicalities

To be well prepared for your imminent start, you need to know a few practical things. You can always contact AskHR when you have questions about your employment, salary, and other work related topics, etc. We are happy to support you in any way we can, and we do our best to help you as quickly and smoothly as possible. Once you are started in your new position, you can visit the HR intranet for more information.

Our support areas are:


Effective group communication

You can count on AskHR for work related questions. For questions in task specific areas, draw on the knowledge of more experienced colleagues all around the world on our own social network. You can join and set up groups, share ideas, discuss issues and solve problems with other members of your workgroup and worldwide.

This is a great way to connect people who face the same issues and questions, but might be working in completely different countries or divisions.


As soon as you start working at Siemens, you can create your own profile and join the community. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Reliability, fairness and integrity

Now that you know about our internal communication channels, you should also be informed about our general working principles. The culture of a company and its values make the difference. People rightly associate Siemens with reliability, fairness and integrity. A foundation for this is compliance.

Compliance means that we adhere to the law and our internal rules, especially our Business Conduct Guidelines, which you have been sent together with your contract. It is the foundation for all our decisions and activities, and a key component of our business ethics. Compliance is not a program - it is an integral part of the way we implement our business activities.


To ensure that you always know the right thing to do, we provide you with resources, tools and trainings. During your first days, your manager will inform you about everything you need to know and you will be invited to mandatory trainings.


You can also read more about the Siemens Compliance System on the internet.

Workplace safety

Zero Harm Culture

Safety is another important working principle and an integral part of our culture. No matter how important the customer, no matter how big the project, no matter how tight the deadline – we do not compromise on safety.

Our Zero Harm culture builds on three core principles:

Zero incidents – it is achievable Unrealistic? 


No, we are convinced that it is possible. It is our goal for everyone to be able to work at Siemens without suffering an incident.


Health and safety – no compromises!


We don’t compromise on health and safety, regardless of the deadline or pressure. No ifs or buts.


We take care of each other

Anyone can push the big red button at any time. We keep our eyes open, and if we see risky behaviour, we intervene. We lead by example.

See you soon!

We hope to have provided a nice and motivating overview of your workplace and our company. We look forward to having you on board and wish you all the best for your new position.