Drives and Motors House in Estonia

Saksa Automaatika and SBA Service, in cooperation with Siemens, will open Drives and Motors House in Estonia, which offers everything related to factory automation, motion control and motors – all under one roof.
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Artur Jakimenko

Innovation and efficiency

Industry core functions from one single vendor

“We at Saksa Automaatika have chosen to be a dedicated member of the Siemens-based industrial and digitalization ecosystem to provide our customers with the best possible experience in introducing Siemens products and solutions and, in turn, providing Siemens with expertise to operate in Estonia. For years we’ve worked together to provide the best automation and digitalization solutions on the market. For us the Ajamimaja concept is way to take this further and extend our offering,” says Ats Alupere, CEO of Saksa Automaatika.

Strong partnership and comprehensive solutions

Saksa Automaatika, SBA Service and Siemens are strong, local partners who are close to customers and can provide services in the local language and with a keen insight to the needs of the local industry.


“The Ajamimaja concept will make it possible for customers to obtain “Industry core” functions such as automation, motors and control from one single vendor offered with competitive terms considering the market requirements,” says Arto Iivanainen, Head of Siemens in Estonia.