What enables citizens to enjoy reliable power supply and chill out in any climate?

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority provides sustainable energy to the ever growing city.
Sustainable Energy

Reliable and efficient power generation

Managing a rising power demand with reliable and efficient turbines and innovative service solutions. This is how Dubai, the city that never sleeps, gets the power to satisfy its need for air conditioning cooling peaks in summer; allowing even the Penguins to stay cool in the desert.

Competitive Energy Efficiency - for comfortable living no matter the temperature outside

How to satisfy an ever growing demand for power in a city that never sleeps? How to meet sustainability and growth targets at the same time as conserving energy resources? Dubai's roadmap for 2021 thrives to combine economic growth, sustainable energy supply and environmental conservation. With its Clean Energy Strategy 2050, the biggest city in the UAE has set ambitious targets to diversify its energy mix and manage electricity demand. The energy mix is proposed to be generated by 25% solar power, 7% nuclear, 7% clean coal and 61% gas by 2030. Siemens supports the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to turn this vision into reality. Strongly committed to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility, DEWA provides Dubai with reliable power generated by Siemens E and F class turbines at its Jebel Ali Power Plant. Siemens latest technologies applied in the Power Plant include Wet Compression which is perfectly suited for upgrading gas turbines in hot ambient regions and is an ideal solution to meet the high demand peaks during the summer months. The output of the gas turbine is raised without significantly increasing the required fuel, resulting in a higher efficiency rate for the gas turbines. With one push of a button the output is increased by 15%. Furthermore, this solution is easy to maintain and offers great operational flexibility to the plant operator. At the same time, wet compression helps reduce NOx emissions and supports the UAE’s strategy for sustainable development and green growth. Siemens efficient turbine technology powers approximately 37% of the UAE’s and 68% of Dubai's installed electricity capacity.

Our success comes from always putting customers’ needs first. We use innovative technology and flexible business models to ensure our customers can succeed in today’s rapidly-changing market conditions. Siemens is a partner they can rely on.
Jeff Dunlap, CEO Power and Gas Division MENA

Power generation, the sustainable key for energy transmission

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens have been working successfully on significantly improving the performance of several power plants in Dubai’s Jebel Ali area. More than 65% of DEWA’s total installed capacity is generated from Siemens gas and steam turbines. In a turnkey approach to meet peak demands, particularly in the Emirate’s hot summer months, Siemens Wet Compression technology helps supply more than 100,000 inhabitants with electricity and provides energy solutions for industry. This ensures a higher quality for life.

Shaping the Future of Dubai’s Energy Supply

Due to Dubai’s above-average population growth and increasing appeal as a tourist destination, meeting the city’s energy demand will continue to pose an extraordinary challenge in the future. For over 20 years, we have been cooperating successfully with DEWA to continuously improve the local power infrastructure. See how our solutions help ensure sufficient and reliable power supply in the Middle Eastern metropolis.