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Smart Cities Experience Center

A unique immersive experience combining both the real and the digital worlds

Welcome to the Smart Cities Experience Center

For the first time in Egypt, we offer our clients a unique immersive experience, combining both the real and the digital worlds. Visit us to experience hands-on live demos to latest technologies that create sustainable and efficient smart city infrastructure, buildings, and industries.

Why the Smart Cities Experience Center?

Siemens is a strategic partner to Egypt’s economic and social development and a contributor of technology and infrastructure ever since its establishment in 1859. Our Smart Cities Experience Center promotes our technology portfolio that supports Egypt’s sustainability strategy and accelerates the journey to a digital economy. You will be able to explore products and solutions ranging from smart electrification to building automation, all in one place. Our dedicated team will welcome you and provide you with all the information and resources you need, to take the next steps in your digital transformation.

Smart Infrastructure

Combining real and digital worlds - enhancing the way people live and work significantly improving efficiency and sustainability

Explore more smart cities

Most cities share common objectives but require unique initiatives for achieving them.


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São Paulo

Capitalizing on its reputation as the nation’s innovator, São Paulo is  pioneering solutions to the wide range of challenges it faces.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is digitalizing to reduce waste and promote inclusion, and is the first Latin American city with 100% LED street lighting.

Los Angeles

The Californian city of 15.5 million people is transforming its reputation by setting ambitious sustainability targets, powering the bright lights of Hollywood with a growing renwable energy sector.


Toronto has the fastest-growing technology ecosystem in North America and a global reputation as a center of innovation excellence.

New York

New York City has significant challenges ahead as it strives for its 2050 net-zero target, but strong leadership and enacted legislation are influencing action.


The ancient city of Istanbul is experiencing new beginnings as it embraces a smart and more sustainable approach to mobility.


London is mobilizing the innovative spirit of its 10.8 milliion residents to become the ‘smartest city in the world’.


Munich is setting standards for renewable energy adoption, and building its reputation as a leading European center for technology and innovation.


Berlin has ambitions to become a model of smart city living, and is considered a key destination for science and technology talent.


Cairo is demonstrating its digitalization capabilities through a new rising city to the east that will be a beacon of smart city infrastructure.


Leading the way in digitalization by creating one of the most sustainable World Expos, a startup accelerator program and inaugurating a Minister for Artificial Intelligence.


As the center of India’s IT industry, Bengaluru is ideally positioned to become a role model for the country’s digitaztion.


Bangkok is creating a greener and smarter city to address the challenges of rapid urbanization, and further enhance its strong economic position.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is digitalizing to strengthen its unique position as a business gateway between mainland China and the rest of the world.


Taipei is building on 20 years of urban ICT development with innovation digital applications to support a range of business sectors and citizen needs.


With its excellent trading links and prosperous economy, Singapore is driving a cohesive approach to digitalization.


Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne has engineered solid plans to build on its core strengths.


Digital technology can support Johannesburg to manage rapid population growth and get the most out of its abundant resources.