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Imagine desbloquear el valor de su cartera de edificios. ¿Qué pasaría si pudiera garantizar la eficiencia, la sostenibilidad y la fiabilidad a largo plazo? Con Siemens, la imaginación se convierte en realidad. Empezamos por entender sus instalaciones. Luego, adaptamos nuestros servicios para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas. Usted tiene acceso a nuestro completo y amplio portafolio de servicios para la seguridad contra incendios, seguridad, HVAC, automatización de edificios y administración de energía de edificios.

Estudio: Modernización y transformación digital
Integrated fire safety and security solutions

Estudio: Modernización y transformación digital

La modernización con la última tecnología de seguridad contra incendios permite el acceso a beneficios operativos y comerciales más profundos.

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Advisory and performance services

Advisory and performance services

Advisory Services

Our holistic approach goes beyond consulting. We create and implement strategies that support your business goals and constraints. We help you reduce costs, manage emissions, and minimize risk. 

Strategies that contribute value across your building portfolio and infrastructure:

Maximizing the return on your building infrastructure is more important than ever. Our experts work with you to develop a clear strategy to address your business goals.

We analyze your building portfolio and its operational resources. With the power of data and strategic insight, we develop a roadmap to achieve tangible results. It’s a plan that’s unique to your business. It’s benchmarked to measurable KPIs and tied back to your operating figures.

Performance Services

Take your building operations to a higher level of efficiency. Our comprehensive building and system services combine on-site competence with data-enhanced expertise.

Take efficiency to the next level:

Your organization demands a lot. Your facilities have to deliver. That includes reaching higher levels of cost reduction, sustainability, performance and productivity every day. Our comprehensive Performance Services portfolio takes operations like yours to the next level. It addresses fire safety, security, HVAC, building automation systems and energy management.

Applying hands-on expertise and advanced analytics, we take a holistic approach to optimizing your equipment. We look at your technical systems, performance targets and business goals to find solutions that meet your unique needs. From cost reduction to raising the bar on energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered.


Building efficiency in action

Sustainability and building efficiency success can take many forms. Take a look at some of the projects we were involved with to find out how organizations like yours have benefitted from our expertise and services.


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