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¿Siemens ofrece productos para monitorizar los datos de consumo y detectar posibles fuentes de error de manera rápida? La visualización del control del edificio La tecnología GAMMA Instabus proporciona una imagen general actual de todas las funciones en el edificio, permitiendo la operación central. No sólo se beneficia de la seguridad adicional en su edificio, sino que también reduce sus costes operativos.

Monitorización de energía

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... la visualización gráfica completa de los datos necesarios, hace que sea fácil controlar y monitorizar su edificio. Datos como el consumo de energía o los registros meteorológicos se pueden mostrar mediante gráficos de varios tipos, lo que le permite detectar irregularidades y errores de un solo vistazo.
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Everything under control with the IP control center

The IP Control Center is a visualization controller of compact design which can monitor and control lighting, solar protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Easy monitoring thanks to full-graphic visualization

Status information on all trades in your building can be displayed via web-compatible end devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones. Open windows, radiators and lights can be located with just a few simple clicks. In addition, consumption data can be monitored and stored over a time period. A range of data points, such as consumption values and weather records, can be displayed in the form of curve and bar charts. This makes it easy to diagnose faults while reducing energy consumption costs.

Highest security for your building

Remote web-access allows authorized users to access the system at any time and check whether everything is okay. Responsible persons are additionally kept up to date by the system itself. Thus, alarm messages are visually and audibly signaled and automatically sent to the responsible persons depending on the settings. This not only allows the alarm to be checked and eliminated very quickly, it also simplifies daily work routines for facility managers.

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Easy installation and commissioning

Engineering is straightforward via ETS and the web editor, which is preinstalled for display by any browser. So, no extra software is required. 
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