Greater performance and transparency in the brewing and beverage industry

BRAUMAT process control system

Recipe-controlled processes play an important role in the brewing and beverage industry. A comprehensive solution is required in order to control them effectively. BRAUMAT gives you a state-of-the-art process control system that delivers full performance with maximum flexibility. 

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Systematic processes

BRAUMAT gives you a competitive edge thanks to innovative technology, a wide range of forward-looking upgrade options and global distribution.

BRAUMAT can be connected to SIMATIC IT MES so that all production-relevant data, including the data from the bottling lines and auxiliary plants, can be evaluated together. By integrating BRAUMAT in the SIMATIC IT Unilab lab management system, you can react much faster to real-life production in the lab – and feed the analysis results back into the process control system.

The state-of-the-art process control system assists you throughout the entire process and offers numerous advantages with its many special features.

The production process in detail

Keeping an eye on the production progress

You can track the progress of your production process on the monitor. The recipe system’s graphic display keeps you informed of the status of the individual areas (such as the mash tun). Intuitive input screens make it easy to use the system and add steps or recipes. Naturally, the recipe system complies with the international ISA-88 standard.

Intuitive and efficient monitoring

All relevant information is always available at a glance. The process overview enables you to intuitively and efficiently monitor and control the entire brewing process. From a classic or 3D view to material-specific color changes to graphically visualized process conditions, the central interface between the user and the process is customized to the individual requirements of each customer. Separate dialog windows, which are tailored to the specific task at hand open for monitoring, checking or manually operating the individual vessels, valves, pumps, etc.

Easy system updates

You can easily and efficiently keep your system up to date thanks to the unique upgrade capability introduced in Version V3.5x. The use of the latest software platform makes it possible to meet all requirements related to performance and, in particular, safety. The option of upgrading each SIMATIC S7 automation system separately to the latest version allows you to time an upgrade based on the economic possibilities.

Cost-effective tank farm control

The tank management system visualizes all current tank configurations. Based on this information, you can cost-effectively plan the tank farm configurations and check the process by controlling the automation functions.

Customized logging

To avoid data loss, each production job is stored as a step log along with the recipe data, all process steps and the associated setpoint and actual values. The logs are archived according to batch, so that you can draw conclusions about the production from the end product. Moreover, customized reports – from an individual brew report to tank configurations to tracking & tracing reports – can be drawn up at the customer’s request via the standard interface to an MS SQL database. As a gateway to the higher MES/MOM level, these reports can be filled with all relevant data, or a connection can be established to the ERP level.

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