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Centrifugal, reciprocating and axial flow compressors

Siemens Gas and Power offers a comprehensive portfolio of turbo and reciprocating compression solutions for the oil and gas industry and other process industries. Compressor solutions can be standardized or tailored to your needs in a variety of applications – such as on- or offshore oil and gas production, natural gas transmission and distribution, air separation, chemicals, petrochemicals, and refining.


Improving Reliability Remotely

Two experts discuss how to boost compressor train reliability and availability in oil and gas applications via remote monitoring and diagnostics. 

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Broad range of driver options

Compressor Services

Siemens Energy Services

From modernizations and upgrades, field services, monitoring and diagnostics, lifetime extensions to digital services, we team up with you to achieve optimal performance and maximize success.

Online Improvements Configurator

By entering your equipment data and operating profile, Siemens My Advisor can identify potential improvements and keep you up to date with the latest technology.

Overhaul Services

Maintenance concepts for rotating equipment to help make your machines and plants more profitable and efficient throughout their entire lifecycle.

Remote Diagnostic Services

Optimize asset production by turning operational data into value. In a proactive approach, Siemens monitors the complete range of rotating equipment to identify a potential problem before it impacts operation.

Service Agreements for Rotating Equipment

Optimize your operation with Siemens Long Term Service Program, FlexLTP, a condition-based maintenance program created to meet unique needs and requirements by new digital possibilities.

Siemens Product Training

Siemens product training portal, the Siemens Power Academy, is the hub of all product related training within Siemens and helps link customers with experts from the right product line.

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