Slush 2018

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Center

Technology revolution is here - Slush is back in town

World's leading startup event Slush is here again!    Siemens is one of the pioneering companies in digitalization, transformative force of the future. Today most of the data collected is not utilized. But this data has the potential to transform how the world works through predictive maintenance, enabling a sustainable energy supply, reducing congestion through intelligent transport solutions or smart factories that create individualized products. Turning these vast amounts of data into value is a key success factor for business and society.   At Siemens we create the technologies to improve how we live, work, and understand the world. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a difference, then Siemens is the place for you. We are also constantly hiring new talents, #FutureMakers.   Come and meet us in Helsinki Fair Center at our booth at Slush 2018!


MindSphere is the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens that lets you connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. With MindSphere you can turn data into knowledge and knowledge into measurable business success. It lets you harness big data from billions of intelligent devices, enabling you to uncover transformational insights across your entire business.

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Value Hacker

Value Hacker methodology is a combination of digitalization and service design expertize. In the very core of valuehacking are the real strategic challenges of our customers. Valuehacking is typically conducted jointly with our customers in co-creation workshops for the purpose of defining business enablers against these strategic challenges and furthermore the added value technological solutions from Siemens and its ecosystem partners.

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Digital Fiber Initiative

Digital Fiber Initiative is jointly organized by Siemens and VTT. The Digital Fiber Initiative is looking for solutions that increase productivity in the forest industry throughout the value chain from engineering to business operations within the new digital business from data and new wood fiber process innovations. 

Companies of all sizes with a capability to address these categories are invited to join the Digital Fiber Initiative and become a part of an innovative ecosystem, paving the way for new forest industry solutions. 

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Innovation Challenge Digital Buildings

The Innovation Challenge is organized by Industryhack and in collaboration with Siemens, Kone and Skanska. Innovation Challenge is an agile activity to develop proof-of-concepts for new innovative companies to co-create business applications or service concepts on top of Mindsphere. PoC's are enabling their clients such as the constructors, owners and users of a building to make the most out of the building and the data it collects. 

Siemens, Kone and Skanska have implemented Mindsphere-based IoT platform for a new building, also including building information modeling (BIM). BIM makes it possible to create an active digital twin of a building in the planning phase, allowing better optimization of both the design of the building and its construction.  Application deadline is at December 13th. Kickoff and co-development camp will be organized in January 2019. 

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Virtual Energy Platform / Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Energy Platform is a digital platform used in virtual power plant projects. Digitalization and energy transformation change markets, and virtual power plants enable new earning models and profitable investments in green buildings. Buildings are joining in the virtual power plant and balancing the electricity network. Energy consumption is activily controlled to balance the grid, and usage of fossil power can be reduced as back-up power.

Virtual Energy Platform, designed and engineered by Siemens, will soon be operating at Kauppakeskus Sello shopping center in Espoo. A smart power microgrid is built at the Sello and it will be connected to the broader energy system. The storage battery system is built within the premises will enable smart electricity storage and usage. It is the largest storage battery system in Northern Europe.

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Helsinki | Messukeskus, joulukuuta 4 - joulukuuta 5, 2018

Slush 2018

Slush is the focal point for startups and tech talents to meet with international investors, executives and media. The event takes place on December 4 - December 5 in Helsinki.


What is MindSphere?

With MindSphere you can harness data from machines and physical infrastructure to find transformative insights across an entire business. It lets you develop, deploy and run digital services, create your own applications or even new business models.

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