Virtual Experience Tour 2020 

10.9.2020 | Smart factory –  Just a jump ahead
Virtual Experience Tour 2020

Smart factory – Just a jump ahead

Smart automation, smart data, smart manufacturing: the word “smart” has been around for quite some time in the industry. But being smart is not so easy, is it?

How to make production smart, modular, sustainable and efficient at the same time? How to respond flexibly to changing market needs and demands? Virtual Experience Tour 2020 showcases how increasing intelligence ensures competitive production. We present concrete solutions, tools and innovations that help make the production environment smart. We help turn challenges into opportunities and help you to achieve goals that may seem unattainable. In addition to virtual seminars, you can familiarize yourself about our solutions in a virtual exhibition.


Are you ready for a virtual dive into the world of smart automation?


Check out the program

Live presentation will be held in the conference room of our virtual event

08.30-08.55    Smart factory – Just a jump ahead

                           Janne Öhman, CEO


09.00-09.25    Edge – Make the best even better​ 

                           Roope Suorsa, Sales Specialist

09.30-09.55    Visualization – Jump to the future of visualization​

                           Mika Nurmi, Head of Sales Specialist


10.00-10.25    R/H – The smartest way to a redundant solution 

                           Petri Pulliainen, Sales Specialist        


10.30-10.55    Cybersecurity – Secure your smart production with Industrial Security

                           Janne Niemeläinen, Sales Specialist


11.00-12.00    Lunch


12.00-12.25    Motion – Keep the World in Motion​

                           Pyry-Pekka Lehto, Sales Specialist

                           Jarno Kivistö, Sales Specialist


12.30-12.55    Motion – Smart motors save money and increase production 

                           Jukka Varonen, Product Manager


13.00-13.25    EM – Sustainable Production with smart Energy Management​

                           Ilkka Ahokas, Sales Specialist 


13.30-13.55    Digitalization – Increase your engineerings quality and speed by virtual commissioning

                           Jukka Uotila, Sales Specialist                


13.55-14.30    Coffee break


14.30-14.55    Process Control – PCS7Neo smart control of process plant

                           Arja Heikkinen, Sales Specialist            


15.00-15.25    Instrumentation – Integration of Instrumentation to smart plant via libraries

                           Jyrki Kupiainen, Sales Specialist 


15.30-16.00    Network – Smart network monitoring

                           Tero Pyykkö, Sales Specialist 



Virtual Experience Tour recordings available

The recordings of our virtual event are now available! Register here and watch the presentations whenever it suits you the best.