Kytola Instrumentsin SLM-tiivistevesimittareita

Time-resistant solutions 

The family-owned company Kytola Instruments exports its precision instrument expertise from Muurame to the world. 

A 120 years old handcrafted pendulum wall clock is still operating and ticking precisely in a place of honour at Kytola Instruments' head office in Muurame. The clock was manufactured by Edwin Kytölä, a clockmaker. For today's generations, this pendulum wall clock symbolizes a kind of relay baton from the past. Kytölä was a hard-working intrepid inventor of his day, building, for example, Jyväskylä's first radio and the world's smallest electric motor – weighing only 2.3 grams.


The versatile interest in technology was passed on to the children of Edwin and his wife Maija. For example, Olli Kytölä, born in 1927, is known for his numerous patented inventions; among other things, he designed a flow meter, which is still in production 70 years later. The flow meter reflects the philosophy already spoken aloud by its late designer: "When you design a product properly from the beginning, it still works after decades." 

Your own designated road as a gift

Kytola Instruments' flow meters, known for their operational reliability, are manufactured at Olli Kytölän tie 1. The designated road was Muurame's gift in 1997 to an entrepreneur who turned 70. Very much thanks to Olli Kytölä, the widely spread industrial village was established in the municipality in the 1970s.


"Solving technical problems was my uncle Olli's great passion. He could make inventions, for example, while grilling food at the summer cottage, and then hastily scribble down the ideas on a piece of paper. The inventions helped customers and the business expanded," says Seppo Kytölä, co-owner and member of the Board of Kytölä Companies.


Kytola Instruments' precision instruments are in demand around the world. During the year, the company produces approximately 100,000 measuring points. After manufactured, the meters will be tested according to a specifically tailor-made measurement program with brand new testing equipment. The new testing facilities were commissioned in spring 2021.


"With the testing equipment, we ensure that the meters we produce display correct values. We chose Siemens' Sitrans series indicators for the comparison measurement, because when we made a comparison of the different supplier options in advance, it turned out that Siemens had the widest precision range and best performance," says Kai Mikkola, Product Development and Design Manager at Kytola Instruments.


In addition to the tests, the equipment performs basic calibration of new measuring ranges and flow meter types.


"We want to deliver the best quality possible. If we promise the accuracy of a particular metric for our products, we also want it to be realized. This means that the control meters in the testing equipment must be a notch more accurate than ours," Mikkola says. 

Solving technical problems was my uncle Olli's great passion. He could make inventions, for example, while grilling food at the summer cottage.
Seppo Kytölä

0,5 % margin of error 

With the new equipment, the number of testing points increased from one to six, and the error margin for testing improved with a decadent.


"The accuracy of our testing equipment is now better than 0.5 per cent. The measuring range expanded from really small to really big. We are able to measure gas flow rates from 10 milliliters up to 80,000 liters per minute and liquid flow rates from 2 milliliters up to 3000 liters per minute. However, the flow rate of 2 milliliters per minute is so moderate that our staff thought the equipment was broken when there was no visible water in the flow tube," Mikkola says with a laugh.


Kytola Instruments' testing equipment is the only one of its kind.

"This is a special equipment built from the very beginning – at least in Europe there is no equivalent. I usually design mechanical meters, but in this project, I was in charge of automation. We were a group of three who worked on the equipment for two years, along with other jobs. OEM Finland delivered the products and helped with the selection of valves and positioners included in the pipeline," Mikkola says.


A representative of the family company is pleased with the development he has seen.


"Olli's uncompromising principles, such as good design, quality, reliability, and product longevity, have been transferred as a legacy to Kytola Instruments' operating culture. We can enjoy this foresight to this day, when we can serve our customers with the best possible products," says Seppo Kytölä.


Sources used in addition to interviews in the article:

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Text: Päivi Lukka

Pictures: Päivi Lukka ja Kytölä-yhtiöt

The interview was made: 2.2.2022

Kytola Instruments

  • The family company founded by Olli Kytölä in 1945.
  • Head office and production facilities in Muurame.
  • Develops, manufactures and sells precision instruments for the flow measurement, monitoring and adjustment needs of industry and equipment manufacturers.
  • Customers are located around the world in more than 70 countries.
  • Approximately 70 employees in Finland and 10 abroad.
  • Net sales: Approximately EUR 10 million (2021).
  • The most unusual application: a Finnish research group that has studied pharaoh's mummy has used Kytola's meter to feed nitrogen inside the mummy.

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